14 February 2011

Get Her Wings

This year for Valentine's Day, Hooters is being really sweet and giving free wings to all the people they love.  People Hooters loves include beer drinkers, hula hoopers, fried food addicts, scrunch sock fans and anyone else who chances through the doors today.  This probably includes you.  Yay, you get free wings!

All you have to do is order ten of your favorite wings and Hooters will give you ten for free.  Whether you prefer bone-in or boneless, hot or mild, half of them will be free.  Pretty sweet.

Now, what might not be so sweet is the way they decided to advertise this wingtastic event.  Hooters decided to go with the tag line, "No Ring?  Get Here Wings!"  Don't get me wrong, I'm a girl that effing loves wings, but I have a feeling that most women probably wouldn't really appreciate the sentiment on Valentine's Day.  Especially if she's the type of woman you like enough to give a ring to.

I imagine a guy down on one knee.  He's sweaty and nervous as he hides something behind his back; he tries to work up his courage.  Expectantly gazing into his eyes, his lady love stands gripping his right hand. She's been waiting for this moment for so long.  She's already planning the wedding as his hand begins to move from behind his back.  And then she sees it.  Not a ring, but a plate of piping hot wings.

That, my friends, is romance.

Of course this is extremely dramatized.  Go, get your wings.  Just don't give them to your girlfriend as a sign of your undying love.


  1. Interesting marketing for sure. Don't know if that was the best slogan to go with.

  2. Well, I do know some ladies who absolutely adore Hooter's wings and would probably forgive a lot if someone went out and got some for them. But I'm not sure they'd accept them as a reasonable substitute for an engagement ring. OTOH, though, maybe . . .



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