09 April 2011

Cookies Will Put Me Through Grad School

Eat me!
Have I ever mentioned that my parents own a fabulous Dutch bakery?  Nope, I sure haven't.  Well they do.  And thy make fabulous little treats.  So fabulous they even got to be on the Rachel Ray Show where she called them "delish" and other things she likes to say to annoy the crap out of me.

You should go to their site and order all sorts of yumminess for everyone you know.  Trust me.  It's good stuff.  Their most known for their stroopwafels which they call caramel cookie waffles (because the literal translation of "syrup waffle" just doesn't get the point across).  These traditional Dutch cookies are filled with caramel. You need them.

Plus, since track and field kindly paid for my undergrad, my parents have agreed to help with my MBA.  Which means those cookies are getting me educated.

You + Cookies = Smart Sauce


And no, I am not on this website.  You can however check out my mom and sister if you look hard enough.  Hotties!

Oh and the question this always leads to: "If your parents own a bakery how are you not like 500 pounds?!"  It's called willpower.  Get some.

Oh and yes the website is...er...dated.  But it's my Dad's baby and he loves it.  Feel free to imagine what his accent sounds like while you read it.


  1. Link doesn't work.

  2. Having Dutch ancestors and speaking a language mainly derived from Dutch, I can really appreciate your family business!

    Stroopwafels is erg leuk en heel aangenaam, niet waar?

  3. Heh. Nice! There can't be too many cookies in this world.

  4. I LOVE stroopwafels, I always joke that I make friends with them, cos everybody that tries them loves it and wants to know what it is and where to get it!!

    Can't go wrong with stroopwafels ;)

  5. Stroopwafels are something everyone from Holland should bring with them when they go to other countries. It's by far the best way to convert people to Hollandism. :D

    Though a recommendation should go with it that it's not smart to stick them in an oven or microwave unless you're making your own (as I found out to my regret, cleaning the microwave after that was not a lot of fun).

  6. Cookies filled with caramel?? Darn my empty bank account!



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