28 April 2011

A Guide to Tipping at Hooters (Repost)

Given all the talk about tipping in post comments, emails and Facebook posts, I've decided it might be a good time to repost my in-no-way-expert guide to tipping at Hooters that I wrote way back in the infancy of this blog.  It seems that there are quite a few people that don't exactly know how to tip at Hooters.  Given this question - which in itself implies there may be some difference between Hooters and other restaurants - I compiled a few tipping guidelines.  Please note that tipping is completely up to individual discretion and this in no way reflects what one "should" tip at Hooters.  This is just one way of addressing a somewhat common dilemma.

I'm really not that type of girl.
Tipping at Hooters depends on several factors and – in my opinion – has major differences that separate it from general restaurant tipping.  Following, you find a few guidelines that I believe should be considered when deciding what to tip your Hooters Girl.  Please note that this is not what Hooters Girls expect to be tipped, as tipping is based on individual preferences, but simply one way of looking at the Hooters tipping debate and how I would personally tip at Hooters.

1.  First and foremost a tip at Hooters, or elsewhere, should mainly be dependent on food service.  While Hooters is known for a specific brand of entertainment, it is most importantly a restaurant.  As such, your initial tip should be strictly based on service, as it would be anytime you dine.  Were you seated promptly?  Were your drinks and entrĂ©e orders taken efficiently and delivered how you ordered them?  Were your needs anticipated and met before you had to ask?  Etc.

What you tip based on service is largely up to each individual.  Generally a restaurant tip is between 15-20%, varying according to service.  So basically for the initial tip, tip like you would at Applebee’s, Red Robin, or wherever.

2.  After your service-based tip, you should note the other elements that make Hooters, Hooters to supplement your tip.  Specifically, I am refereeing to the entertainment each and every Hooters Girl should provide her guests.  Did your Hooters Girl play a game with you?  Did she dance or sing?  Did she hula hoop and pour your beer?  Did she provide you with signature service?  Basically, what did your Hooters Girl do to go above and beyond basic restaurant service to give you Hooters service?

Once again, the amount of this supplemental tip is based on individual preferences.  As the food service is primary, this shouldn’t be expected to be as large as the first part of the tip (unless you deem it appropriate).  I would personally suggest between 5-15%.

3.  There are several other things to take into account when tipping at ANY restaurant.  First, does your state pay servers minimum wage or do they have a special restaurant pay rate?  In states in which servers make, say, $2.14 your tip will be supplementing their wage and this should be acknowledged.  Also, most servers will be required to “tip out” other employees within the restaurant.  For example, I personally tip out at least three people every shift: hostess, bartender, and dishwasher.  Our system requires I tip them at least 1% of my sales each, but on busier nights I typically will personally tip them more.  Remember, you’re not just tipping your server, but many varied employees who also made your dining experience possible.

As stated originally, these are not strict guidelines, but one way of tipping at Hooters.  Most important to note is that a tip should never be expected but is rather earned.  Feel confident tipping an amount you deem appropriate as long as it reflects the level of service you received.

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  1. Thank you for two great reminders that all restaurant patrons should know and remember - most states have a 'restaurant pay rate' and most servers are required to 'tip out'.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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