29 April 2011


So this happened today...

That's a cool $1.55 tip on a $28.45 tab.  A tab which was paid for with a credit card.  This would be a good time to notice the overly dramatic cross through the zero on that credit card receipt.  Perhaps the best part though is how obviously all that changed is laid out so I could immediately note this incredibly generosity.  Just imagine all the time that saved me in counting.

The worst part - yes there is a part worse than simple shittiness of the tip - I was training today.  This means that I know I was on point because I was dragging a trainee around and teaching her to be totally awesome.  A Hooters Girl with a trainee is pretty much a sure sign that your service is going to be utterly perfect.  It's almost a sign as sure as how much these people stink.

Oh and if you're curious about the orange things, those are casino dollars.  Yes, my Hooters has a little casino and that monopoly money is worth a free dollar.  I kindly gave them that because they seemed like cool people.  Losers.


  1. It's been going around lately. I've gotten brutalized the last few days too. Tonight I had a table that I was pretty convinced I had nailed and they dropped me 15% after a $40 groupon was taken off. The guys asked for a side of ketchup when I delivered his 28 day dry aged USDA Prime T-bone though. Obviously my service was not up to par at the high caliber steakhouses he chooses to dine at where the ketchup is waiting on the table for his steaks.

  2. I used to have a friend who was a bartender. One night this guy sat at her bar for hours, downing drink after drink, not tipping her. Finally he got up to leave, and left two quarters on the bar for her. She picked them up, shouted at the guy, "Excuse me, but you obviously need this more than I do!" and threw them at him. Heh.Of course she didn't work at Hooters . . .

  3. To me it's pretty obvious that they wanted you to have the casino dollars which makes the tip something like 12%, still not a good tip. But when you consider that you have the opportunity to win so much more with your casino money I think you'll be more then happy. /sarcasm

  4. The casino dollars were left exactly where I'd placed them on the table. Also, as an employee, I'm not allowed to redeem casino dollars. While not everyone knows that, most people are intuitive enough to realize it.

  5. Karma is a bitch, but I think that tip Karma is something altogether more terrifying! It will get them...

  6. Obviously, they were not as cool as you thought they were. Granted, I'm probably not as good at tipping as I should be, but I'm pretty certain that I'm not that bad.

  7. I truly believe that you can learn a lot about a person based upon how they treat wait staff and how they tip. Tipping has definitely gotten worse over the years. I wonder if more and more people are buying into the philosophy that Mr. Pink felt compelled to share with all of his co-horts in 'Resevoir Dogs' or could it just be that good manners and proper etiquette aren't being taught anymore?

    I am always amazed when I am in Vegas and I see people playing the nickel slot machines and keep getting free drink after free drink from the cocktail hostess and never tip her once. I believe that you should at least be tipping a minimum of $1.00 for each free drink that you receive.

    Just my $0.02 cents worth.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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