19 April 2011

I'm Health Nuts

Every year as swimsuit contest time comes around Hooters goes into health mode.  Suddenly girls who never think of what they eat, let alone visiting a gym, become obsessed with changing their bodies.  Now, let me make it clear that the vast majority of these girls are between 18 and 20-something and still have dream metabolisms that can take fried food on like champions.  It’s not they’re unhealthy on purpose, it’s that with a nearly perfect body that can down cheeseburgers with little to no consequence counting calories is usually pretty far from mind.

Wings is not part of
Dr. Hooties' healthy
menu prescription.
Of course many of these girls don’t really do that good of a job with the whole healthy thing simple because it's so very out of the ordinary for them.  For example, a girl might have a salad for lunch but she’ll get the Cobb.  Which is not just a salad, it’s a salad with three chicken strips on top not to mention bacon and cheese.  And of course they have it with ranch.   Or they’ll get a salad and have a hearty side of cheese fries.  Sorry, not healthy.  It’s a start, but it’s only the first inch of the healthy diet marathon.

I, on the other hand, am generally very conscious of what I eat and how I exercise.  It’s not that I constantly need to keep my weight in check, it’s that eating healthy and working out just makes me feel better.  And of course, being a college track athlete the whole working out and eating right thing really became a way of life for me.  Yes, I do love a big plate of grease with a side of cheese now and again but it’s certainly not the norm.

With my habits I tend to be the go to girl with diet and exercise questions – especially before the swimsuit contest.  Generally the questions are pretty generic and involve me talking about what I do day in and day out as far as eating and working out.  Sometimes this is met with further questions and sometimes it’s met with shock.  Usually it’s somewhere in between.

So there I was answering the “how can I be healthier question” and giving my usual spiel one day.  I gave an overview of my eating habits and how that's really the biggest part of losing weight and getting a lot of visible toning.  All that was fine until I started talking about working out and eventually got to how P90X can be a really good option for a lot of people because it pretty much tells you exactly what to do.

“Oh P90X!  I’ve heard about that.  Can you tell me more about that?”

I oblige and start lining out how it’s a muscle confusion program built on variation.  Blah, blah, blah.  When I get more into the actual substance of the P90X workout plan she stops me.

“Um, I just figured it was a pill or something to help me lose weight.  I don’t really want to work out and all that hard stuff.”

Face meet palm.


  1. Heh. I thought it was a fighter plane! I've been forced for health reasons to go back to a healthy diet/lifestyle after many years of not worrying about it. It ain't easy. I was a bodybuilder many years ago--nutrition was a big part of that, too--but I was a couple hundred years younger then.

  2. Wow...

    It's astounding to me how many people have no idea what it means to have a healthy, nutritious diet. The sad part is when people only want to change so they can be thinner...not to be healthier, not to feel better, but just to look better.



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