21 April 2011

What Would Hooters Do?

One of the many reasons I love Hooters is the diversity of our clientele.  You can walk into Hooters any given day and you’ll see businessmen, older couples, families, first dates, high school kids, lady’s night celebrations and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.  In fact not much surprises me anymore as far as guests go.  I’ve pretty much seen it all.

Given my rather jaded point of view, I was incredibly surprised to find out the profession of two seemingly normal guests I see every few weeks.  Now outwardly there is nothing out of sorts about these two gentlemen.  Both are middle aged and stop into Hooters on their way to working on a lakeside cabin one of them owns. 

Originally I thought the only off thing about them is that one is a vegetarian.  For the record I have nothing against vegetarians.  It’s just that Hooters isn’t particularly vegetarian friendly.  So I made it my mission to use our menu to create innovative vegetarian options – a somewhat difficult and impressive feat.  That’s how they became my regulars.  Because I gave a shit.

I'm guessing this is pretty much entirely accurate.
Anyway, in the process of me creating some of the coolest regulars I know, I found out that these seemingly normal Hooters regulars are really anything but.  You see these Hooters lovers are in fact Episcopal priests – if we’re getting specific one is actually retired.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have two regulars who spread the word of God.  If anyone ever had a question of Hooters appropriateness it has officially been answered.  God is on Hooters’ side.

Perhaps even more awesome than their vocations, is the fact that they are totally unabashed by how much they truly enjoy Hooters.  In fact last time they were in, one kindly asked if he could purchase a stack of our to-go cups.

Retired Awesome Priest:  “Do you think you could possibly sell me a sleeve of your to-go cups?”

Sauce:  “Of course!  Having a picnic?”

Retired Awesome Priest:  “Actually yes, I’d love to have some for our next church potluck.”

Sauce:  “I love that!  What do you think the reaction will be?”

Still Priesting Awesome Priest:  “Well that’s the beauty I think.”

Retired Awesome Priest:  “Right.  The fun will be in seeing what the flock thinks.  And then of course telling you all about it.”

I talked our manager into just giving them the cups based on the conversation alone.  I hope to get an invite to the next potluck.


  1. that's a great story! make sure you let us know how the picnic goes!

  2. Cute story! My sister-in-law is a fundamentalist, Southern Baptist type. As is my brother. However, SIL *loves* Hooters, and will not drive past one without going in to get some wings. She's also pretty vocal when someone starts with the "Hooters is just a strip club that serves food" crap so many idiots seem to believe (People who have neither been in a Hooters or a strip club, really). She sets them straight in a hurry! Plus, her granddaughter worked for a while in a Hooters, with her blessing.

  3. If you get invited, would you go in uniform? :)



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