05 April 2011

Shawna the Maid

I love all the interesting people I meet at Hooters.  While restaurants are always good places to meet people, Hooters seems to bring extra special people out of the woodwork – I mean this both positively and negatively.  Like the Red Ladies.  Or the ever infamous Nylon Man.  Then there was rapper Twista, who was a douche and three quarters.  Of course there are also all the “regular” people who have sweet jobs like working for the Attorney General or building log homes for Russian mafia.  Yes, I’ve really met all those people and more at Hooters.  And I love every minute of it.

I'll let you guess which one Shawn is.
Amidst all that awesome, recently I met possibly one of my favorite Hooters customers ever.  On an overcast Tuesday, this man made his 250th visit to a Hooters at my store.  While 250 Hooters may seem impressive, more impressive is the fact that he visited each and every one of them in a French maid costume.

Now before you scream creep, let me give you a little background.  Way back in 2005 Shawn, who was dating a Hooters Girl at the time, made a bet with his girlfriend that the Steelers wouldn’t win the Super Bowl.  It seemed a lock for Shawn.  The Steelers needed to win the next eight games in a row to make it reality. 

So he made the bet and terms were agreed upon.  While the bet seemed laughable, the conditions seemed even more so.  As they sat at dinner in a Texas Hooters on a French maid theme night it was agreed upon that if the Steelers won Super Bowl, Shawn would visit every Hooters in the country in a French maid outfit.  It seemed like a joke – a very funny one - that would never amount to anything.

Shoe cleaning bitch.
Then the Steelers started winning.  First one game, then two and on it went until the Steelers unbelievably won the Super Bowl.  Shawn’s fate was sealed.  Before he knew it his girlfriend had ordered a costume online and began mapping out Hooters to correspond with Shawn’s business trips.  Not one to back down, Shawn has been visiting Hooters as Shawna the maid ever since, slowly working off hid debt. 

As he crisscrosses the country his (now ex) girlfriend carefully documents his progress on Facebook where Shawn has developed quite a following.  Pictures go up of each and every visit where Hooters Girls make Shawn do everything from sweeping the floors to bussing tables.  Somewhere along the line Shawn became “Hooters bitch” and the name has stuck ever since.

And finally, I was contacted.  To avoid any confusion, Shawn always contacts the stores and a few girls that work there prior to his visits.  At first I’ll admit I was a little skeptical.  Some dude with a blurred face (because of his job and clients) dressed in a maid costume messaged me on Facebook.  You’d probably be suspicious at first too.  But after a little Facebook creeping and a message or two I quickly realized that Shawn was just a cool dude who was a man of his word.  That’s pretty awesome in my book.

Our stuff for Shawn: sign, 250th visit plate, discipline form
he was late, tooth brushes for cleaning and his
certificate validating his visit.
Like 249 Hooters before us, we spent the afternoon embarrassing Shawn.  As an official visit, Shawn must do everything the Hooters Girls ask of him in order to get his certificate signed (also the girlfriend’s genius idea).  We tried not to disappoint.  We made him clean tables, dust blinds and shine silverware.  Dreamy even crushed up crackers deliberately for him to sweep.

And while all that was in good fun, I can honestly say that Shawn was just a genuinely interesting person.  Here was a man with a big fancy job and important things to do who didn’t take himself too seriously.  He didn’t life get in the way of life.  That is something I can really appreciate.  Even if he does it in a maid costume.


  1. Wow. He made it all the from a GA Hooters to your Hooters. He was pimping a pink costume when he was here. :)

  2. He visited the Hooter's in Sanford Florida. There is a pic of him with the girls, my daughter being one of them. I thought it was kinda creepy...My daughter assured me he was nice. I did not realize that he goes all over the country doing this...I wonder what else he does on his off time, lol...

  3. Ava -- The Girl Who Won The Bet :DApril 5, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    Sauce, I just wanted to say that I love, love, LOVE this blog post! Shawn is one of the sweetest, most genuine guys you'd ever want to meet. And this whole thing is so fun and funny exactly because he's about the last person you'd ever expect to do anything so outrageous. I knew my Hooters sisters would love him (even though I sadly gave up the orange shorts long before they finally came up with a decent design). And it's so funny how he's sort of been adopted as the official bitch fo the Hooters girls because that all sprung from one girl calling him her bitch during one of his first visits. LOL. I'm so glad you got to meet him on his 250th visit and that you wrote such a great blog about it. I'm going to share this link with as many people as possible! ;)

  4. Carolina CarolineApril 5, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    OMG I REMEMBER THIS GUY!!! He came in my store like 4 or 5 years ago. Thankfully we knew he was coming or we all would have had a serious WTF reaction. But he was actually a really good guy, and I felt bad at first about the idea of making him do anything more embarassing than just walking in wearing a pink maids uniform. But one of the other girls knew him on FB or MySpace and was all excited for him to come in. She'd even gone and bought a bunch of stuff to surprise him with. So when he sat down she brought out this box that had handcuffs and leg cuffs and a leash and collar, one of those gagball things and a paddle. I don't know how much she spent on that stuff, but you should have seen his face! Hahaha! I have to say he was a good sport, though. She locked him up in the handcuffs and everything, and I swear she just led him around the store by the leash for like an hour and a half introducing him to all the customers as her bitch and making him clean her tables. I always wondered if he maybe liked it a little. Or a lot. LOL. But he wasn't creepy at all, so I guess who cares if he did. Seriously it was one of the funniest days of my whole four years working at Hooters. Wish you had some of those pictures! Hahaha! Its so funny that he's still going through with the whole thing. Great post!

  5. See, this is why I don't bet. Because this is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me. Though if I were lucky enough to be dating a Hooters girl, who knows what she could talk me into doing? It's neat that he's enjoying himself doing it. Not enough people have a sense of humor about themselves these day.

  6. The things you see at Hooters ...

    Did you girls really make him clean? That's awesome! I hope I'm around when he shows up in Chicago -- maybe the girls will rent him out to my wife and I so he can wash our cars in the parking lot while we have lunch. Haha!

    Seriously, the Hooters bitch? That's priceless.

  7. Haha that's so great, what i love most as that even though his girlfriend is now an ex, she's still on top of his shit haha. Awesome

  8. Wow! I always wondered who that guy was. Thanks Sauce. I thought i have been to a lot - 83 so far and counting. i do buy shot glasses or tshirts from everyone one them. Maybe I will get to you someday....

  9. I almost know how Shawn(a) feels. I was a hooters girl for halloween.

  10. Wow he has you all fooled!! I know this guy and the story he is telling is a BIG LIE !! He never dated a hooters girl and he never made a bet with his so called girl friend he wasn't dating anyone when he started this charade. He made this whole thing up because he likes wearing women's cloths especially panties, his family and new girlfriend don't know he does this. So to all Hooters the joke is on you.


  11. Shawn (aka "Shawna the Maid")September 6, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    Unfortunately, I'm only just now seeing the comment "Anonymous" left on August 4. I don't know who "Anonymous" is, obviously, but I do know that he/she/it doesn't know me or anything about me if they believe what they wrote. One only needs to look as far as the bit where they write that my "new girlfriend" doesn't know about this. Um ... I've been with my "new" girlfriend for 2-1/2 years. We're engaged. And, in fact, she has not only known about this since the beginning, but she's been on Hooters visits with me. So, I'm used to having people who don't know any better try to stir up trouble, etc., and I usually don't bother to respond. But for the clarity of those who might be reading this and might think "Anonymous" has any idea what he/she/it is talking about, well, I just wanted to set the record straight. Having said that, I know that Sauce has been asked to take down her blog, so responding here may soon be rendered moot, but I felt it was worthwhile for however long this all continues to live on the Web.

  12. I found your sissy boy profile countless times. Why not just admit it. You set this whole thing up because you enjoy wearing womens clothes. Weirdo! BTW, I am a Hooters girl and saw you......Creepster!



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