22 April 2011


I'm going to a magical place called Portland for the weekend.  I will now provide you with a video.

If you're from Portland and you've seen this, you rock.  If you're from Portland and you haven't seen this, you're welcome.  If you're not from Portland at all, jealousy is totally acceptable.

Where young people go to retire!


  1. A few years ago I was actually thinking seriously about moving there. For precisely the reasons given in the video. Heh. That would have been a MAJOR life change for me. Kinda regret not doing it when I had the chance, now . . . so, yeah, I'm jealous. You'll have a blast!

  2. Yes, The Dream of the 90's is definitely alive in Portland. Great clip and an incredibly funny show on I.F.C. Thanks for the laugh.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  3. One of these days I need to visit Portland.

  4. My friend lives in Portland, and she told me this interesting story about how one day she was cycling down her street, and she saw this Llama that was trotting along a main highway, cool as can be. I shit you not, Portland's been my mecca ever since.



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