01 May 2011

Receipt Art: May 1, 2011

Remember how I used to draw on receipts all the time?  Well believe it or not I still do that on each and every receipt I print.  I just don't bring my phone to work anymore - because I try to be a good employee now and again - which is how I captured all those drawings.  The loss of my one source of immediate documentation has clearly reeked havoc on my posting of receipts.  Today I decided to attempt to remedy this lack of receipt artworks by actually bringing one home and posting it.  I'm going to do my best to keep this over achieving up.

So here it is.  My first receipt art post since December.

Isn't that little crab freaking adorable?!  I think I love him.  I also love the fact that I was able to sell a hot chocolate to a lady eating a blackened mahi sandwich.  Fish and chocolate.  I even impress myself sometimes.


  1. i wish i could do this where i worked! but i work retail and don't have time :( plus i could never draw a crab as adorable as that one.

  2. This is way too cute.
    It needs a dolphin splashing around in the backgroudn!

  3. Im in love with that crab :)
    and the water+sunset, what made you draw tropical?

  4. The crab looks kinda like it's asking for a hug. Heh. Cute!

  5. Maybe my tropical inspiration came from the fact that it freaking SNOWED here on April 29th. Actually it just came to mind.

    P.S. Stop snowing!



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