26 December 2010

Hooters is Everywhere

So here I am in The Netherlands being (mostly) fabulous.  My Dutch fabulosity has included eating, shopping, museum visiting, eating, family visiting, Heineken drinking, biking, canal touring and a little more eating.  Basically it's been awesome thus far.  Well except for the part involving the fact that the Dutch aren't really equipped for serious snow removal causing sidewalks so icy even my Ugg boots are more like ice skates.  Oh and that reminds me, my $160 Ugg boots are like 250 Euro here.  NUTS.

Anyway, the whole point of me interrupting my fabulous vacay for you, was to share the fact that Hooters had one last laugh as I flew overseas.  There I was, crammed into my coach seat for eight hours forcing myself to watch B-list movies, when dinner was served.  Pasta was a choice and this made my freaking day.  Or as excited as one can be for airline food.  I mean I can smell pesto from seven miles away and I knew there was effing pesto on that damn pasta.

As the tray hit my foldout table, I was already planning my attack.  Salad first.  Save the pesto goodness.  I was just about to rip the plastic from my salad when I noted the dressing.  I laughed out loud, then snapped a picture.  Yes, I was that crazy chick who photographed her inflight meal experience.  I probably looked like an international virgin.

Here's my photo.

I now direct your attention away from the excessive use of plastic and the fact that my water has no ice and bring you to the dressing.  Yes, that is Naturally Fresh brand dressing.  If you are unfamiliar, Naturally Fresh is owned by Hooters and makes all their dressings and wing sauces.  It seems even somewhere over the north Atlantic Hooters still maintains it's steely grip on my life.  Well done, sirs, well done.

Man that must be one epic, money making contract you have with the good people of Delta.


  1. Heh. Cute! And glad you're enjoying your trip, in spite of the snow!

  2. I am also glad you are enjoying your trip. Europe got hit HARD with the snow. Be glad you did not get stuck at the airport, or it would have been one unforgettable xmas. I hope you packed some extra pair of nylons for the trip. ;-)

  3. Haha. No worries, Sauce. When I went to New York and took my first flight, I kept a bag of peanuts as a souvenir and took pictures. Now THAT is way dorkier. lol
    Hope you're having fun in the Netherlands! :)

    <3, Jen



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