06 December 2010

A Little Hooters History Lesson

A little history lesson on the beginning of Hooters.  Don't worry, there is some T&A in there with the information.  Go, Coby Brooks, go!


  1. I love your blog, I read it whenever I remember about it :) I used to think people like Hooters Girls just really liked the attention, but I know now you're really cool, so I'll try not to judge like that in future :)

    I have a blog, now, it's fairly new, but there are a few posts... I don't suppose you have time to give feedback, do you?

    Cheers :)

  2. That's interesting. I appreciate hearing from the CEO. I enjoyed watching his Undercover Boss episode. I enjoy reading your perspective on Hooters and on what it's like working for Hooters. You and the CEO are bigger advocates and influences on public perception than I think "corporate" may realize.

    What really struck me from this video is the fact that the uniforms shown were no more revealing than the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders' uniforms. To hear that charities wouldn't accept money simply b/c they were Hooters corporation, and to think of all the charitable work the DCC's are asked to do really struck a chord with me. Very interesting.



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