04 December 2010

Youtube is a Tattletale

Recently a video surfaced on Youtube that has my store all abuzz.  Of course by recently I actually mean that's it's been on the site for two effing months and it just came to everyone's attention.  Naturally, as I am a Hooters nerd, I've known about this video for quite a while.  I just never said anything because it seemed both lame and unimportant.  Apparently Corporate and our management didn't find the video so harmless.  Yes, someone somewhere sent this video to Hooters and now we're all in trouble.  So what could be so very awful?  Well take a look...

Um, what?  On a scale of one to skankalanky, you're going to hell type of shit, I'd give that a two.  In fact the customers thought it was funny and actually tipped accordingly.  I guess I don't see what the big deal is.  Heaven forbid we waste ice.  I hear that shit is frozen water and we all know how valuable that stuff is.

Now, I present another video.  You tell me which one is worse.

Or maybe this.

Perhaps it's just me, but I think the stool rodeo - condoned and taught by Hooters - is far more provocative than a "snowball" fight.  And don't even get me started on Hooters Girls slapping guests after they snort salt like it's freaking cocaine off a strippers ass (this is called the stuntman shot and according to my Youtube searching is a house specialty at a Hooters in Hawaii).

Maybe if they had told us exactly what was so inappropriate and wrong about the whole thing I'd get it, but no explanation has been offered.  So far it's seems they're mad to be mad and isn't that always just peachy?

So what are your thoughts?  Me, I think it's no big deal.  Oh and thanks for zooming in on Audrey's ass, dude.


  1. You got me. The Missoula video looks like everyone is having a good time without getting completely carried away--it would make me want to go by and check the place out. The stool thing made me a little . . . I don't know. Don't like that. The stuntman shot is just . . . weird. To me. I'll never figure out what gets corporate headquarter's underwear all twisted.

  2. As I said before, Hooters management does not know what the hell they are doing. I think their reaction is a sign that corporate "badly" wants out of Hooters.

  3. I was at a Dick's Last Resort, sitting at the bar minding my own business eating my wings when a water pistol fight broke out. It started with wait staff, but wasn't long before the bar tender was passing out water pistols to the customers. Water pistol fights and snowball fights are good harmless fun and are good example of how a restaurant can differentiate themselves from any other boring place to get fed.

    Hooters should learn to lighten up and let their customer's have fun with their wait staff. I challenge Hooters to top the Bellagio Water Show at Dick's Last Resort.


  4. If I had to guess, I'd say that "corporate" wasn't happy with the first video because the other gal (not Audrey) looks mad about the ice hitting her. So it doesn't look like they are "having fun."

    Other than that, I got nothin'.

  5. Harmless fun thats sad if corporate gets mad. My bar the bartenders have ice fights management makes balls of plastic wrap and throws it at us hostesses. Its ways to show customers your having fun, and having fun while doing it. Pretending to do drugs then slapping people is a lot more ....controversial then having a cute little snow ball fight.



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