14 December 2010

I Want Her Job: Likes for Learning Campaign

A little over a month ago I was featured on a cool new website called I Want Her Job (IWHJ).  The site, which features interviews with woman across a broad spectrum of industries, is meant to inspire woman - and people in general - through the success of others.

When my interview appeared, I posted it HERE and simply alluded to the website rather than opening posting it as a way to maintain my anonymity.  Now, IWHJ has started an amazing new campaign that in my eyes is more important than a few of my readers chancing across a photo of me.  After all, my anonymity has more to do with my blog being an "any Hooters Girl" than actually concealing my identity. Who I am to prevent a cause for a personal ideal?

Today, Brianne - founder of IWHJ - sent out an email requesting help.  It included the following:
Yesterday I Want Her Job launched its first-ever nonprofit campaign. The goal is simple, I want our community to help raise enough money to sponsor a few girls in Guatemala with education and mentorship, so that they can be the first in their families to attend school, make a difference in their families and communities, and empower other women by doing so. As a community of women who are fortunate enough to have had an education, to have had mentors, and to have had the resources to make our dreams come true, I want to reach out to you for help.
So here I am, doing my part.  For every new "Like" on Facebook and follower on Twitter, IWHJ will donate 50 cents to She's the First.  I hope you'll join me in supporting this amazing cause!



1 comment:

  1. What a groovy idea! Following and "Liked"! Thanx, Sauce!



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