16 December 2010

Why I Won't be Winning the Merchandise Contest

I'm winning the merchandise contest with nearly $900 in sales.  Ironically, the total sales for the contest are just over $3,500.  You do the math on how much the other girls I work with suck at sales.  Or suck at trying.  Or don't try at all.  Regardless, I'm still insanely competitive.  It's just my way.

While I'm ahead of second place by just over $100 (do some more math on how much the other girls REALLY suck at sales) I probably won't be winning.  It's not that I'm pessimistic, it's that I'll be missing ten days of the contest at the end of the month.  Ten days is an awful lot of selling no matter how much I try to pad my sales now.

So where will I be for ten days of December (and ten days of January as it were)?  I'll be being fabulous in Europe of course.  Oh did I forget to mention that?  Yeah, I'm spending my holidays in the Netherlands.  I'm not mad about it.

So I might not win - though I'll still likely place - but I have to say I'm not too concerned about it.  Europe is an awful good reason not to win, after all most of the girls are losing due to laziness.  At least I'll lose because I'm on a different continent.  That's a real reason.

Now who wants to send me $50 and I'll sell you a gift card?

Oh and don't worry.  I'll be auto-posting some of my "greatest hits" while I'm gone in addition to *trying* to post some awesome posts from abroad.  If only there were a Hooters in Amsterdam.


  1. Aw Man, I'm jealous!

    Heard it's pretty cold though right now, so bundle up!
    Oeh and seeing as you're going around Xmas, if you go shopping there should be (should, so I'm not quite sure)'gebakskramen' with fresh waffles or 'oliebollen' just the smell alone is good enough when you're outside in the cold.

    Have fun!

  2. Wouldn't it be a hoot (get it? "Hoot"? Never mind) if you went on your trip and *still* won the contest? Or owuld that just be sad? Anyways, have a blast and be sure to tell us about your adventures Over There!

  3. I effing love oliebollen. Reason #87 I love being Dutch.

  4. There used to be a hooters in amsterdam, but it was shut down as it was unofficial. It is now called Teasers and is lame.
    Although you could pop across to the newly opened ones in the UK.

  5. Hope you like snow and are not travelling by car, train or anything else that requires roads or tracks. It looks wonderful though, so you'll at least have white, white Holidays!

  6. My sister actually lives in central Amsterdam so luckily we're not planning on doing much going anywhere. And being from Montana, I'm very used to the white stuff!



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