17 December 2010

I Will Do (Most) Anything for Hooters, But I Won't Do That (Unless They Make Me)

Today I was asked to do something at work that I have tried desperately to avoid for the past two years of my employment at Hooters.  I was asked to debone wings.  Before I start in on my varied reasons for hating wing deboning, please enjoy the following video of a Hooters Girl mutilating someone's meal.

Yes, that is wing deboning.  I will start by saying she did it totally wrong.  And don't even get me started on the fact that she isn't wearing gloves.  We ALWAYS wear gloves even if "you're not eating this one".  But that's not the point.  The point is, that there is nothing I hate more than having to sit down and remove the meat from the bones of a plate full of someone else's chicken wings.  But lets start with why Hooters condones this.

Hooters has a policy known as "hands off"  or "hands free" service.  Basically this means that Hooters wants it's waitresses to cater to the customer as much as possible.  The simplest example is opening ranch and other dressings for guests at the table - this example is also a nonnegotiable step of Hooters Hospitality.  However hands off service can go much further to include just about everything.  As my trainer from corporate put it, "imagine your customer has no hands, short of eating, what would you have to do for them to make them comfortable?"  Well I can open the door, pull out their stool, open menus, rip paper towels from the roll, pour beer and so on and so forth all the way to deboning wings.  I like the idea of this step of service.  It's just one of the many things that makes Hooters stand out.

So yeah, I get why Hooters does the whole deboning wings thing now and again.  I get that it's just another "above and beyond" way of delivering Hooters' signature service.  That doesn't make it appetizing.  And that's the thing, I don't find anything appetizing about a girl donning a pair of rubber gloves and ripping into my food as she burns the shit out of her fingers.  There she is tearing into a plate of wings, removing the sauce with her gloved hands like a clumsy, drunk surgeon as she turns what was ordered into something else entirely.

Wait, don't we already have boneless wings on the menu?  Yup, there they are.  Boneless wings that require no manhandling.  But of course if order those you don't get the pleasure of treating your Hooters Girl like a slave.  Or the pleasure of being freaking lazy.

And yes, I did debone his wings.  I just hated it the whole time.


  1. Oh, ick. I think I'd prefer my wings with the bone in. Sheesh. I don't blame you for not liking to do that.

  2. Your telling me that... I can order wings (not boneless) and have you rip them apart for me so i can eat them with a fork and not touch the bone ???

    If thats correct. Fuck that shit.

    If I go to the bathroom will you wipe my butt too???

    Creepy Hooters...

  3. I really don't understand why you wouldn't just order the boneless wings if you don't want the bones in. Don't get it at all.

    I prefer bones with the wing in anyway, boneless just don't taste right to me.

  4. Boneless wings are just a grown up way to say "chicken nuggets."

    Be a grown up, you're mom isn't here to cut up your food! Haha

  5. Listening to the men and the way they responded as she deboned the wing, I'm thinking it has nothing to do with them not wanting to mess with it themselves. Sadly, I think they're getting a cheap thrill off of watching the procedure with their minds in the gutter. I know, I know...for me to notice that, it must mean my mind went there, too, but only because of how they sounded in response, followed up by their focusing on her chest so intently....not to mention I am disgusted at the fact that it appears they were dealing with bones of another kind. I think there's a real creepiness factor to men who ask you to do that for them.

  6. This is absolutely INSANE. A friend told me Hooters girls would have to debone your wings at your table if you ask them to. I absolutely did not believe this. So I googled and here I am.

    The video won't show, as it says private, but reading this is confirmation that she was indeed telling me the truth.

    This is total BS and just men wanting to demean women. Why would hooters condone this?

    If you want deboned wings fine, BUT it should be done in the kitchen and they should be brought to the table that way. To have to sit and do it in front of the guest is completely inappropriate.



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