06 December 2010

Receipt Art: Receipt-A-Palooza

You probably thought I had given up on making receipt arts.  Really the only thing that I've had to give up was my cellphone at work.  Ever since the major crackdown on phones in the building, I've been doing an awful lot of hoarding of receipts with no immediate way to photograph them.  So the receipts have been building up.  I apologize for being a hoarder.  Feel free to submit me to A&E or TLC for a major intervention.

Welcome to Receipt-A-Palooza!

I take you back to November 13, 2010.  That's how effing long I've been holding on to this thing.  Either I really like you guys or I'm completely and utterly insane.

This was mad for a band and it's an awesomely abstract little number.  I love the way it turned out almost as much as I love the fact that they had nine well vodkas accompanied by various mixers.  Just don't ask me why the computer decided to split up all those vodkas like that.  Technology is stupid.  And sober.

Now that winter is upon us, I have a whole new season of awesome to explore.  Of course by explore I mean that so far I've just drawn a shit ton of snowmen.  This was attempt one.  Please note how into the snowflakes I was.  Also note that I gave that poor snowfellow only two fingers.  My bad.

 Next the snowman went skiing.  I imagine him to be a lot like the Roaming Gnome as explores our wide and wondrous world.  Here he has decided to roam right into the path of oncoming skier.  Stupid snowman.  At least he got three fingers per hand.

Next is my favorite of the bunch.  There is just something I love about this little owls.  My love is only deepened by the little scarf and earmuffs.  Stay warm my little dudes.

Oh and perhaps you've noted how my snowflakes have now turned to asterisks because everyone knows that is the universal doodle for snow.  Whatever.

Yup, there's the snowman outside of a warm little home polluting the world with choking smoke from a coal stove.  Happy Holidays!

Then I finally got over the the snowman and changed him to a nondenominational holiday tree accompanied by a happy, hat-wearing moon.

I know make you two promises.

  1. No more snowmen
  2. Less receipt hoarding
Yeah, I can manage all that.

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