11 May 2009

Hooters Knocks One Out of the Park

Hooters has a softball team and as you may recall I said that we'd probably be epically crappy. Well low and behold we actually won our first game. That's right, a field full of Hooters Girls and fry cooks unleashed utter domination on the diamond last night (ok fine, we only won by one point but still).

A little background before the play-by-play. Our Hooters softball team plays in a co-ed city softball league. There are three divisions B, C, and D (don't ask me what happened to A because I have been wondering the same damn thing) with B being highly competitive and D being mostly about fun - and drinking. Obviously, we signed up for D but by some administrative error we ended up being placed in C; needless to say we thought we were marching to our softball deaths.

Most of us girls have never played softball, in fact only one had played softball in high school and another wasn't sure if she'd played in middle school or not. Long story short, we were prepared to suck. First inning and we're up to bat and suddenly we realize that some of these girls can actually hit. Heck we're getting on base, we're stealing, we're, even against all odds, scoring!

In addition to the fact that we had some impressive skills on the field, we were also the best damn cheering section I've ever seen whether we were on the field or in the dugout. It was like we were all some amazing cheerleader softball hybrid of awesome. This is not surprising when you consider that Hooters Girl is a job title that requires you to be annoyingly loud and obnoxious on a regular basis - which I must say I love. The best part of all this is that the other team HATED it. Sorry to get in your heads, A&P Auto Repair!

Now I don't want you to be led to believe that it was all a show of amazing athleticism, domination, and grace. Our very own Miss Hooters Montana did stand directly on home plate before being directed by the umpire that you had to stand next to it to hit, at which point she somehow ended up standing behind it (good try, honey). We also had a couple of those cliche girls that are scared of the ball but we're working on that for next week. And luckily, there was only one injury which occurred when one of our graceful cooks dove for a ball in center field resulting in an inch long gash above his eyebrow that required stitches (good thing the fields are conveniently located across from a hospital!).

So to recap we don't suck at softball, we look amazing doing it, and we won our first game 13-12 - we will be working on fielding. Hooters is 1-0, baby.

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  1. Oh, fun! I wish my store did this!

    Now I miss high school softball...



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