02 May 2009


I religiously check Postsecret.com every Sunday.  I find something strangely intimate about sharing such personal moments with people I will never know or perhaps even reading the secret of a close friend with no realization.  I have thought about the secrets I would send in a million times and have countless designs planned out in my head.

Some Sundays however I come across a secret that perfectly encompasses a moment within my life.  Some Sundays I come across a secret so personal I could have written it myself.  Sometimes these secrets are funny little moments, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they capture large parts of my life.  The secret below puts my life in perspective.

You lied to me so expertly for three long years.  It was painful and it killed me inside, but to this day I think it was necessary for I found my own truth.  I found a confidence that could only be gained through being torn down completely by a person I loved unquestioningly.  Your lies were my truth.


  1. OH i love postsecret :o)

    and the word verification i needed to type in to prove i'm not a robot was "tater." Amazing :D I tried out "lots-a-tots" the other day and they're dangerously yummy.

  2. lots-a-tots...mmmmmm. whoever decided to put nacho toppings on tater tots is a freaking genius.

  3. I had no idea that you liked Postsecret! This post was reccomended at the end of one of your most recent posts.

    I always find one or two that I relate to every week...

  4. Adam, Postsecret is one of my very most favorite things!!



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