22 May 2009

Tales of a Late Bloomer

In high school I could be easily described as shy. Actually, debilitating would be a perfect word to describe the level of my shyness. Now, after having one utterly hellacious three year relationship that served as one major kick in the figurative pants, I am effortlessly outgoing. In fact any of my current friends who didn’t know me as an awkward teenager (awkward is putting it mildly for a girl just shy of 5’11 who looked like an anorexic boy, can you say late bloomer?) never believe me when I tell them I was shy or that I was never asked to a dance or wasn’t kissed until I was nearly seventeen.

What is really funny though, are the reactions of those that knew “high school Sauce” when they find out my current place of employment.

“Wait, like Sauce, tall Sauce works at Hooters?”

“You mean that sorta awkward girl who ran track, Sauce, works at Hooters?”

“Don’t you have to talk to people to work at Hooters?”

“Um, Sauce can’t work at Hooters, she didn’t even have boobs”

and my personal favorite…
“I went to school with someone named Sauce?”

Yes, this is that Sauce and yes I work at Hooters. Lets just say that the gods of sexy hotness blessed me with curves a little late, but when the curves came they were decidedly Hooters worthy. So for all you poor, awkward, self-hating teenage girls, don’t get too down on yourselves. You never know what might pop up when you turn 20 – it could be C cups bathed in sexy confidence.

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  1. I can attest to this. My girlfriend went up a couple of cup sizes when she was 21. Of course, she was already a DD, so, uh, she was already blessed, but still, that was pretty (amazingly incredibly unbelievebly) awesome. Her sister went from B to DD at about the same age. Thing is, both thought they had stopped developing until then (they have two older sisters, but also very busty, but stopped growing earlier). Actually, when me and girlfriend go to Hooters, the waitresses check out her rack more than any guys, its pretty funny.



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