24 May 2010

Introducing Twin Tower

Today I am introducing you to a new character.  I realize that as far as specific people go, I've pretty much avoided creating too many recurring roles on my blog.  Why have I done this?  Really I'm not effing sure, but as I feel somewhat obligated to have a good reason I'll just say no one else was interesting or memorable enough to be included up until now.  This is obviously a lie, but I don't really care.

Anyway, today I introduce you to Twin Tower.  Twin Tower is a fellow Hooters Girl who, like me, is also fairly tall.  Get it?  Twin Tower (she came up with the name in a Facebook album once upon a time).  I mean when we transfer tables to one another we typical introduce each other by saying something like, "you're just getting one awkwardly tall girl for another!"  But beyond being similarly vertically gifted, we are also twinsies because we have a similarly strange sense of humor.  And we are both wildly intelligent (I'm unsure if her level of modesty mirrors mine) and serve as alternating hosts for the trivia nights our store holds every Wednesday.  Tangent: that reminds me that this is my week, better start working on writing some questions.  Whatever.  You get the idea.  We're similar people.

So the other day - meaning Saturday - Twin Tower and I decided to turn up the excitement at work by entertaining ourselves with the idea of creating a Hooters musical.  Oh did I mention we're also effing weird.  Obviously we are really effing weird.  Anyhooters, we spent our shift exploring the possibilities of Hooters combining effortless with outbursts of song and show stopping dance numbers.  We had songs and plot ideas and lots of other really lame stuff.  Do I remember lots of specifics?  No, not really and this makes for a fairly shitty blog entry.  But the whole point really wasn't the lame story, it was to introduce you to a character and I did manage to introduce a new character so there.  Goal accomplished.  Day off made productive.  GO ME!

Stay tuned to hear more about Twin Tower.  Also, get ready for our musical to hit Off Broadway soon.  And by Off Broadway I really mean watch for it never.

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