15 May 2010

Excellent Questions: Hooters Girls & Undercover Boss

So I'm still getting questions about "Undercover Boss" at work.  Generally this means I am asked, "So did you see that 'Undercover Boss' thing?" or something of the like.  Yes, yes I did see.  And yes, yes I did think it was contrived yet awesome but that's just me.  But you knew all this, after all I wrote about it already.

Anyways, I came across this video that interviews both Hooters and 7-11 employees (and random other people but it's still funny so that's cool) after 'Undercover Boss' aired.  And let me tell you it's pretty hilarious.  You should watch it.

And because this funny too, the outakes...

And yes, I did notice that the blonde chick has CRAZY boobs.

1 comment:

  1. Whore *cough* *cough* poor little slut has nowhere else to work....



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