11 May 2010

Overheard at Hooters: May 11, 2010

"We have Coke products."
"I'll take a Pepsi."
"Sorry, we don't have Pepsi, is Coke alright for you?"
"But I want Pepsi."

"Do you mind if I smell you real quick?"

"Why is your coffee so hot?"


  1. I feel like you're the only one that reads my blog, but strangely I'm okay with that.

  2. "Do you mind if i smell you real quick?" Uh, how do you respond to that. YES! Very much so. LOL

    I hate people that don't get the Pepsi/Coke thing. i have never, in all my years, been in an establishment that has both. If you can't have your preferred learn to drink ice tea. BAH!



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