15 May 2010

Trading Tops

I figured it would be very unfair of me to race off to Vegas and have a fabulous time without updating my blog.  So here I am the night before I jet off leaving you all with a little something to tide you over.  You're welcome.

Being a Hooters Girl, you wear the same thing every day.  It's sort of like being a cartoon character - you open your closet and every outfit is exactly the same.   I remember seeing this on Doug once long ago; every outfit was that green sweater vest and khaki shorts.  Little did I know, that my daily life would one day be reduced to one outfit just like Doug Funny.  Only my daily wardrobe would include orange hot shorts and nylons.  There are some days I'd prefer the sweater vest.

In a life full of uniform redundancy, I look forward to the few little changes I'm allowed.  Changes like black on Friday and special holiday themed tops.  It may not seem like much, but even that can bring some joy to the life of a Hooters Girl.  Ah the simple things in life. 

In addition to these changes in tops, a Hooters Girl can get really lucky and somehow obtain a top from a different store.  Then rather than wearing the same top from the same place, you stand out from the other girls rather dramatically.  Suddenly you have something distinguishing.  Yes, everyone's top says one place and yours says something entirely different.  This differentiation is a coveted thing.

It is no easy task to obtain a top from another store.  Generally, you'll have to have a pay stub and a top to trade when going to another store.  Since Hooters Girl uniforms are so coveted and unavailable to the public, you have to prove your official Hooters Girl status.  Sometimes, regulars can obtain shirts trading them out along their travels, but this is even more rare.   Some stores aren't so strict, but generally a girl needs to be there in person with proof in hand.

Recently, through a very kind regular both at our store and at a store in Wichita, Kansas, I was able to obtain a new top.  While having a Wichita top seems random, it's still pretty cool to have something different.  Plus it's a great conversation starter.  I'm also hoping it's just the first of a growing collection of official Hooters tops.  I already have my paystub packed in hopes that I can get my hands on a Vegas top (though I have a feeling they probably don't hand those out even with a pay stub).  Here's hoping on Friday I'll not only have a killer tan, but also a really killer top to show off on my first shift back to work.

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  1. Did you get one? I bet that would be so awesome (: Great conversation starter!



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