08 May 2010

The Kelly Jo Dowd Fund

Hooters is about boobs.  Well not all about boobs, but they certainly play a big role.  Yeah, you already knew this, but stay with me here.  So Hooters is about boobs.  Breast cancer - if we simplify a horrible disease - affects boobs.  As such, Hooters donating money for breast cancer research is a pretty good idea.  After all, 1 in 7 women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime.  That is an awful lot of Hooters Girls.  We have about 45 girls in my restaurant alone, thinking that five of my friends might have to battle such a horrible disease is a frightening thing.  It's even more frightening to think that I very well could be one of them.

The Kelly Jo Dowd Fund is Hooters way of raising money for breast cancer research.  Kelly was not only a Hooters Girl, but also a calendar girl and eventually a Hooters General Manager.  She used her cancer diagnosis to educate Hooters Girls around the nation about the importance of helping themselves through self-screenings and early detection after unfortunately failing to do so herself.

"I did something pretty stupid," Kelly said in a 2006. "And the only way that I can let myself feel better about it is if I know that people can learn from our situation."

Now, Hooters Girls not only hear Kelly's story - through a video she created prior to her death - but raise money annually in her name.  Right now, you can go to any Hooters restaurant and make your own donation.

I've managed to personally raise around a $100 in the few days since we've began the campaign.  After raising fifty, I got a special Kelly Jo Dowd Hooters top.  Go me!  I like supporting good causes and I love challenging myself to raise more money each day.  It's just the way I am I guess.  As such, I ask every table if they want to donate.  Most will donate a dollar.  Some will donate five.  And some (ok well one) will offend you like this guy did.

Sauce:  "Here's your ticket.  I'll be able to handle that for you whenever you get a spare minute.  Also, we're currently accepting donations of any denomination to support breast cancer research through the Kelly Jo Dowd fund.  Please let me know if you'd like to donate!"

Jerk:  "Well why would I donate without seeing the boobs I'm gonna donate to?"
Naturally, he's staring directly at my chest as he says this.  He is obviously classy like that. 

Sauce:  "Well fortunately I haven't been affected by breast cancer.  So at the moment you won't be helping me personally.  Guess I don't have to show you."
*Note* I put on my best "I'm adorable yet witty" smile.

 Jerk:  "Well you're probably gonna get it one day.  Guess that means you'll show me now."

Excuse me?!  I'm going to ignore the fact that you asked to see my boobs.  This is Hooters, that shit happens.  But did you just tell me that I'm going to get breast cancer?  Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure that's not ok.  I would never wish testicular cancer on you.  I would never hope that they remove one of your effing balls though you probably don't deserve them both.  That's just not cool.

He didn't donate.

But you totally should.  Go to Hooters.  Donate.  Just don't wish breast cancer on your Hooters Girl.


  1. Wow, what a jerk! A simple "No thanks" would have sufficed. Sorry you have to deal with losers like that. :(

  2. Wow. While I am perfectly capable of saying something stupid to a Hooters Girl, I'm pretty certain that I would never say anything that stupid.

    When you encounter someone like this, try to keep in mind these words of wisdom from Robert Heinlein: "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

  3. Im a Bartender at the Osage Casino Tulsa. Last October I donated all my tips for 1 day to the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Research Grant. I was able to raise over $300 which I gave to your Tulsa Hooters location. Doing it again this year on October 30 at the "I love Boobies Benefit" Osage casino nine18 bar. I have 8 bands, a poker run and auction planned. My name is jimmie duffey. hit me up on facebook to see how we do

  4. Hey Sauce!

    Jason from Hawai'i here (we emailed last year). I just donated $100 to the Kelly Jo Fund; I promised that after an assistant manager let me take his picture when he was wearing a hairnet when helping out in the kitchen. It was worth it!



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