31 May 2010

Receipt Art: May 30, 2010

I don't fish.  Well once when I was eight I got to go with a YMCA day camp.  We used marshmallows as bait.  That's a pretty good indication of my fishing abilities.  Being from Montana, however, fishing is a pretty big deal to everyone else.  Especially here in Missoula.  It seems the nearly every day people I serve are either coming or going fishing.  As such, a fishing receipt is pretty much a given.

While I am not an amazing fisherman, my name apparently is.  Check out my name (if I hadn't clone stamped it - go PhotoShop) and its masterful ability with a rod and reel.  That fishy is certainly a doozy - a million pounds at least.


  1. I love the receipt art. You are delightfully talented!

  2. Your reciept art is cool! Im a fan of you! Please check out my blog Lola Hill Story and comment i know it's lame but i would like some teenagers to like it so i really want to publisize it! :D



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