25 May 2010

The Shrinking of the Hooters Blog Universe

Recently, it has come to pass that the world of Hooters blogging has come to what can only be described as a screeching halt.  You see over a year ago when I began this whole little adventure of blogging about my Hooters life there were four of us (five if you count the Mayor of Wingville).  Beside myself, there was The Hooters Girl, Caution: Blonde Thinking and Jedi Mind Tricks Among Other Things.  It was like a little blogging community of awesome with everyone updating fairly regularly.  We all "knew" each other, emailing and using *GASP* Twitter to communicate on nearly a daily basis.  Things were good in our little blogging universe.

Then Jedi suddenly stopped posting just about a year ago and we had our fist blogging causality.  There was no warning.  She just stopped blogging.  We were a little worried, but our blogging world went on even if we were one girl short. 

As time went on, a few more girls came and just as quickly they seemed to go.  It seems that while blogging looks glamorous and fun and easy as eff it is really quite time consuming.  It's something you have to actively think about and sit down and do.  It's one of those things people are all gung-ho about for awhile but then one day they just sort of stop.  They find more important things to do in their lives.  But while these girls came and went in what can only be described as moments in the online world, Blonde and Hooters Girl and I hung in there and kept blogging away.  We were the core.

Now here we are a year later and suddenly I feel like I'm the only one.  Blonde recently quit Hooters and moved onto other things - her blog seems to have quit with her.   The Hooters Girl has also stopped posting and her most recent entry was well over two months ago.  Even the Mayor seems to have disappeared from the blogging world.  Suddenly I feel very, very alone.

Now that everyone has seemingly fallen off the edge of the world I feel somewhat obligated to keep this thing going.  Luckily in addition to a feeling of obligation, I generally like writing this shit down.  It's fairly therapeutic to vent about my days at Hooters whether people want to read it or not.  So I'll still be here posting.  Don't you worry. 

But blogging family, I miss you.  Please leave me a comment or an email or a smoke signal and let me know you're alive.  And next time leave a note on the fridge if you leave the house.


  1. I'll get off my duff and post updates, free time ain't what it used to be :-(

  2. I am far from a Hooter's girl, but I am a former waitress and I love to read all about your trials, travails and triumphs - so please keep it up - and you are right - seems everyone disappeared.

    No worries - I will step up my commenting if it helps to keep you around - I promise I DO read - sometimes I don't comment tho.

    Take care and thanks for the blog.

  3. Mr. Mayor, I'm just glad to hear you're ok. Sauce, I look forward to your posts, Thanks for sharing, I enjoy everything you write!!

  4. I found you yesterday via http://slightlycrankywaitress.blogspot.com/ and I have read every post. You must keep blogging, you are one of my new favorites!

  5. I found you through one of your "Hooters blog family members" awhile ago and I've been reading ever since, love all your posts :) especially the new receipt artwork deal! Take care =)

  6. hii, i happened to come across ur blog, and just wanted to say, ur absoloutly hilarious :)
    love ur posivitby! xox

  7. I have just been hired as a hooters girl and have my first day of training tomorrow! I LOVE your blog and have read all of them so far. I found you through K.H.'s blog and I too am sad that the others have vanished. However I have to say that you are my favorite and I aspire to be as good of a hooters girl as you are :)



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