24 May 2010

Seriously I Have to Move AGAIN?!

So it's about that time when I have to start thinking about moving again.  I find this to be incredibly lame.  Mainly because I feel like I'm moving every moment.  While that's obviously an incredible exaggeration, I have moved two times - soon to be three - in the last year.  This is obviously ridiculous.  But my life seems to be in some constant state of crazy unrest that is drawn to things like constant moving.  Dear life, get it together!

At least this time I'm not being forced to move by things like my landlord breaking up with his live in girlfriend.  This time I've just decided that I'm tired of living alone and even more tired of spending lots of money to do so.  Actually, I like living alone, but it's that whole lots of bills and lots of money being spent that I don't like.  Can I easily afford to stay here?  For sure.  Do I want to afford to stay here?  Hell no.  I mean essentially I pay $600 (not including utilities) to live in a glorified hotel room.  I don't think this is O.K.

My lease will be up at the end of June and once again I find myself looking for alternate housing.  I considered moving back in with Cor and the boys, but since that living situation brought on an epic mystery illness (which I don't think I ever wrote about, but involved lots of horrible coughing with no discernable cause for over seven months) I'm very leery of moving back in.  I think it's pretty logical that said mystery illness was caused by something in and around that house given that within two weeks of moving the cough was suddenly gone.  I can't take the chance that it resulted from one of their dogs or something.

Anyway, where all of that blabbering has led me is to say that Ariel and I are planning on moving in together and testing the bonds of best friendship.  Up until this point we have avoided moving in together as we have both seen too many friendship torn apart over shared housing.  But seeing as we spend nearly every waking minute together anyway it seems rather logical.  We both feel that the time has come that we are both ready for this.  If I didn't already know what I was talking about I'd think I was moving in with a guy.  But I'm not.  We all know I have horrible luck in the relationship department.

Yes, Ariel and I are moving in and letting our good friend Asian Marine in on the deal.  Holy shit, did I just introduce another effing character today?!  Fuck yes I did!  I rock!  I'm just gonna jump out on a limb here and guess that you know two things about Asian Marine.  He's Asian and he's a marine.  How did you know?  Now I wouldn't generally be as obvious to blatantly point out that he is Asian, but this is Montana and Asians here aren't too common.  Actually, I'm pretty sure if you go to the China Buffet you can see the majority of the state's Asian population.  Seriously.  Plus when I met him one of the first thing he said was, "Would someone break the ice and making a fucking Asian joke already?!"  I loved this and knew we should be friends immediately.  And he loves my legs; who doesn't love someone who constantly compliments?

Ariel, Asian Marine and I.  I CAN'T EFFING WAIT.

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  1. I am not familiar with Ariel, yet, but I am sure as friends and adults you all will be great.

    And the Asian Marine? And the China Buffet crack? And the "make a joke already" line?

    I am in love. Please write more of this lovely roommate-y thing. It should be a hoot. And yes. I did just say that.



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