15 May 2010

Overheard at Hooters: May 14, 2010

"So if I hop in your bag and end up in Vegas on Sunday do you want to get married by Elvis or like a real person?"

"Your dad's from Holland?  That's really cool.  That's in Michigan right?"

"My mom doesn't like balloons, but if you blow it up real small maybe she won't see it."

"How long do they send you to Hooters College for?"

"Your nametag says you're a trainer.  What do you train people to do?"


  1. Actually, Holland is a mid-sized city in western Michigan, home of Hope College, a tulip festival, wooden shoes and an overall tourist trap. So maybe not as much of geography fail as you initially thought....

  2. I am familiar with Holland Michigan but given the conversation surrounding this comment it was a pretty funny mistake.

  3. There's a really crappy Holland in Texas too, lol



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