22 May 2011

Corporate is Coming

Tomorrow marks the first day of a whirlwind training visit from the corporate office in Atlanta.  The visit will consist of training new certified corporate trainers for both Hooters Girls and bartenders and doing image and service classes with all the girls hired in the last year.  Basically we’re getting a visit to make sure we continue to be totally awesome.

Luck for us, we run a fairly strict store.  This means that we do a pretty good job of keeping up corporate standards day in and day out.  Not only does this make us more successful as a restaurant, it means that when corporate decides to show up we don’t look like total asshats.  Instead of freaking out and doing a total overhaul of our store, a little cleaning is all it takes to be corporate ready.

I mean let’s be honest here, when corporate shows up it’s sort of like your parents coming home after a long weekend away.  It’s not like we’re the type of kids that have crazy keggers, we’re more the type that let the dishes pile up and forget to water the grass so that it goes a little brown on the edges.  A bit of elbow grease and time and mom will never know that we ate Hot Pockets off the good china.

In addition to a little extra cleaning, we’ve worked toward uniform perfection as well.  I won’t sugarcoat, some of us who may have worn xxs shorts when we were hired, might need to go up a size today.  It’s not that me resizing a girl’s shorts is mean, it’s a way to keep her ass from hanging out in unflattering ways.  And trust me, I’m not even a quarter as blunt as corporate will be.  Better to fix the problems now.

So all the provisions have been made and corporate will be welcomed with open arms.  Of course last time I was told my lips needed to look fuller.  That has not been fixed.  But besides my lips, I’m totally ready for corporate.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blog and it sorta inspired me to make my own. Many thanks. :)

  2. Sauce this stuff is AMAZING for lip plumping! though I dont know how much time you have...I usually get it at sephora. http://www.bellasugar.com/Think-Pink-DuWop-Purse-Your-Lips-679551

    Also, I was wondering if you could take a peek at my blog?
    Its nowhere near as clever as your but the 1st entry mentions you!
    Thanks and I hope you can get the lip plumper in time, well if you dont have a fantastic one already:)

  3. district manager visits at my retail store always suck and involve a lot of stress and running the store for a few days how it should be run all the time.

    good luck with yours! and eff them, i'm sure your lips are fine how they are. short of some sort of surgery you can't magically fix that!

  4. Good luck with the visit from corporate! Though it sounds like you got it all under control. I sort of have to go through the same thing twice a year at my job and I know how stressful it can be, even if you *are* ready.

  5. Exactly, Aubree, I have no qualms with my lips. Yes, I know they are thin. Luckily this doesn't stop them from being awesome at kissing and slinging the occasionally witty insult.

    I may have to try that lip plumper though...too bad I literally JUST put in a Sephora order less than 12 hours ago. I have epic timing.

  6. People like to assume that corporate forces girls to wear shorts that small. Anyone who has worked there knows that corporate and management are more likely to push for larger shorts than smaller.

  7. A great point, David. Hooter shorts are meant to show no butt cheek AT ALL. If even a bit of the butt shows at the bottom you'll put in the larger size. It's common for stores to size a bit too small and then have to size up later. In fact, I've come in to train girls who I didn't uniform fit who I've sized up.

  8. Haha I remember they told me I needed extentions...uhh?

  9. Good luck on the visit. How often do these corporate visits occur, anyway?



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