17 May 2011

How to Get Fired for Idiots - And Then Apologize for It

You all know what happened.  An underage coworker of mine was caught lying about her age to get a drink at the bar.  Of course this got her fired.  Which is exactly what should have happened.  She left.  We all talked about it as a restaurant full of women is apt to do.  And that was that.

Until it wasn't.  In a total out of character move for most fired restaurant employees, the girl in question actually took the time to write an apology to Hooters.  Yes, actually WRITE.  She didn't email or call or text.  She actually put a little bit of effort in an drafted an apology.  I have to admit that's pretty astounding in this day and age.

What I find most impressive though is the fact that it wasn't one of those underhanded apologizes that's actually begging for your job back in disguise.  She made it clear that she understood and didn't expect to be asked to return to work.  She was handling her shit like an adult.  I like that.

In addition to all of that, she took the time to specifically apologize for possibly putting the bartender's job in jeopardy as well as her own.  In the end it seemed that that was the fact she was most regretful about.

So while I still think what she did was entirely stupid, I am pleased to see someone take responsibility for their actions.  A little consideration is just nice now and again.


  1. how unexpected. but still, at least that shows a little maturity, even if she did something really stupid originally. and it's nice she apologized on behalf of the bartender. maybe she's not quite as dim as originally thought :p

  2. Well, that *is* a nice surprise--especially if she wasn't fishing around to get her job back. And thoughtful of you to write a follow up, too!

  3. Indeed, quite a surprise. There's hope for her yet!

  4. Doing stupid things, even really stupid things is not a sign of immaturity (at least, for my sake, I hope so). Not owning up to them is.

    Good on 'er!

  5. I am extremely impressed. It is SO rare in this day and age for someone to actually step up, admit fault, and accept responsibilty for their actions. While this in no way excuses this person from what they did...hopefully they will learn from it, move on, and be a better person.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II



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