09 May 2011

Receipt Art: May 6, 2011

Recently I've been adding mountains to a lot of my receipts regardless of the picture in the foreground.  I think it adds depth to my scenes.  Plus I like to draw mountains for some reason.  Something about how linear I do them just makes me happy.  Feel free to think I'm weird.

I present two of my receipt arts from Friday that both include mountains, but very different overall feels.  The first is a golf scene for a group who braved the light drizzle to hit the links.  I used artistic license and went with sun instead.

I'm in love with how cute that golf bag turned out.

I also added my mountains to a typical spring theme of a mama duck and her babies complete with cattails. 

Here you might notice that below mama duck my table drew a little parachuting stick man.  The group - who eat at Hooters fairly regularly - work at the Smokejumper Center here in town.  Why I've never thought to draw them smokejumpers is beyond me.  That would make sense.


  1. Cute, as always. Love the mountains--and the golf scene is especially nifty!

  2. adorable!
    Halloween I had on cat ears, and drew a little kitty face on my tickets - maybe I should make it a regular thing!

  3. i'm pretty much in love with the little ducks one. jus' sayin.

  4. What a great idea! They both look great!



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