08 May 2011

Hooters' Weekend Champion of Awesome

Not made for me, but should have been.  CREDIT
I just gave myself an award.  It’s the “Hooters' Weekend Champion of Awesome” award and I totally earned the shit out of it.  As usual, I was scheduled Saturday and Sunday dayshifts and did my thing slinging wings and beers like nobody’s business.  Being as it was one of the biggest weekends of the spring due to several different large events going on, including a large rugby tournament called Maggotfest (seriously look that up), a brewfest and a three day college rodeo, we expected to be busy.  And we were.  I was ready to make some money.

I got my wish.  But the reason wasn’t just because we were busy.  The reason I was because getting drunk – an annual hallmark of this particular weekend – was more important than working for more than one of our girls.  Without getting into all the messy details, several girls ended up not showing up and throwing everyone else under the bus.  A bus that’s simultaneously burst into flames and had total break failure.  Calls were frantically made and in end the options were few.  So I did what I had to do and put on my big girl shorts and put in a double.  And I didn’t do that once.  I did that twice.  Saturday and Sunday.

The best part is, it was tiring, but I actually liked doing all that work.  This either means I really love my job or makes me insane.  Or likely both.

Really though, the coolest part was that I had a first on Saturday evening as I was juggling a 15 top in addition to a nearly full section.  As I was introducing myself to a table of three, one of the guys stopped me.

“Wait, you’re Sauce?  Do you write that awesome blog?!”

In over two years of writing on, I have never had anyone recognize me at work – which is actually mildly surprising.  Not only was a recognized, he went on to tell the couple with him that reading my blog was a must and he’d forward it to them.  I was incredibly flattered.  My coolest table of the night had made my week.  And then they left me a 50% tip.  For that I love you.  Seriously.

Give me a sign if you’re reading this.  Like a cyber high five or something.

So if anyone else wants to come in and tell me how wonderful I am, I work pretty much all the time.  I’ll even give you a free soda.  Just don’t tell my boss.  He’ll really miss that $2.79.

Also, to the gentleman who came in and left me the note, silver dollar and chocolates, thanks for coming in to see me.  Sorry I wasn’t in that day, Hope you had fun and happy birthday!


  1. that is ridiculously awesome.
    i wish i had a job that i loved as much as you do. i get so mad on the inside if i have to stay ten minutes extra at my job, let alone how long you had to for those doubles! haha reading your blog makes me want to work at hooter's, except there isn't one super near me and i probably (read: almost for sure) don't have the bubbly personality for it.

  2. One of my favorite things about Hooters is I get to be "bubbly" in my own way. I am definitely NOT cheerleader bubbly - which I think my blog points out - but more smart ass bubbly. And people LOVE it. I guess I've just never worked somewhere were I can really be myself like I can Hooters. I adore my job and I never saw it coming!

  3. hey you deserve all the recognition. you worked hard at a job that people look down on. ever since i've been reading your blogs, you've inspired me to keep applying at hooters and proving that there are smart women and not all about good looks. i'm pretty sure you girls have a lot of fun being a hooters girl.

  4. heh. It sounds like you looked at this as an opportunity, not a problem.

  5. Sauce,

    Cyber high five right at you! I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog. We had a great time at Hooters. Thanks! - Brent

  6. Brent, that was a mighty powerful high five. I like your style!



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