22 June 2010

The 1,000 Follower Promise

Way back when I started this blog in the ancient times of 2009, no one really knew about it.  As time went on I told a few people - my mom, Ariel, a few close friends - but mostly my blog stayed a secret.  There were times when I thought that maybe I'd post it on Facebook for the world to see and let each and every one of 810 friends (and yes I ACTUALLY know them all somehow) in on my big blogging secret.  It was around the time I first contemplated posting my blog on my profile that I decided I would do so when I reached 1,000 followers.  Basically, a goal I thought was unattainable.

Then one day I became a Blog of Note and in a matter of days my thirty-five followers became 100, 100 became 500 and now here I am at nearly 900.  Suddenly that 1,000 follower deadline is very, very real.  I'm finally really faced with the idea of letting all sorts of people who actually know me into my blogging world.  And you know what, I kind of like the idea.  I'm ready to share with my friends what all of you have known so long - I'm not just a Hooters Girl, I'm a blogging Hooters Girl.

So when I get to that 1,000 follower threshold I'll be doing what I told myself I would oh so long ago.  Hopefully all my friends will appreciate my words just as much as you do. 


  1. awesome! thats crazy! how did you become a blog of note?! I was always curious!

  2. I know the feeling, sort of. I have 3 followers and still don't feel all too comfortable with having anyone who really knows me read my blog quite yet. I wish my blog could become a Blog of Note, might boost my blogging confidence. I love to read your blog by the way. It's so fun and interesting.

  3. I would be so terrified for anyone that knows me to see my blog.

  4. you r a worthy blog of note. but i think once your friends find out they'll talk abt it quite a bit... i'm sure you can handle it!

    this blog is an extension of you. so don't be too shy or too proud to share it yea? you go girl! :)

  5. I found your blog b/c you are a blog of note :-) I'm so glad, too! I really enjoy reading what you write. I'm in the process of starting my own blog (still trying to come up with just the right title) and I'm going to keep mine anonymous for a while, just letting a few friends know about it. I think it's exciting for you to share your blogging world with your friends! Keep us posted!

  6. i wish i had as many followers as you...

  7. I found your blog through "blog of note", too. I really enjoy it! :)

  8. I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

  9. I know how you feel! It was a big deal for me too when I finally posted my blog on FB.



  10. You've won an award! Go to my blog at this link --> http://wannabelawyergirl.blogspot.com/2010/06/beautiful-blogger-award.html to check it out!

  11. Congratulations!!!! now is the time to give back if you want =P I've started this blog 3 days ago!

    Hoteloscopy.blogspot.com,please I need followers =)

    John Hook

  12. Well, I can tell you that from personal experience it can be a bit awkward to tell people you know about your blog.
    I've been blogging for years but it wasn't until my previous blog that I hit something constant. Because it was kinda personal though, I didn't tell anyone about it. Eventually though, somehow it did make its way. Even so, my friends were pretty supportive.
    I'm in awe with your blog, and it even inspires me to be a Hooters Girl! (:
    Keep on writing! Believe me, you're changing stereotypes with every funny and genuine entry. :D

  13. Yah no one i know knows about my blog, weird how that works eh?



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