16 June 2010

Hooters Saves the World - With Nylons

If you think about Hooters a few things come to mind.  Boobs are up there I'm sure.  And wings, probably that too.  And perhaps one of the things you'd think about are nylons.  Shinny, tan nylons.  While Hooters may remind you of nylons and vice versa, nylons probably won't make you think about saving the environment.  I certainly never thought of them that way.  Well not until recently.

In the beginning of June we were told to start keeping our used, ripped, torn and otherwise well-loved nylons.  This probably sounds weird.  Or like the idea of some nylon fetishist.  In reality, Hooters is using all those nylons to do their part to clean up that big, oily mess in the Gulf.  You know, the one caused by all that oil? 

Jokes aside, Hooters really is collecting the nylons from 380 domestic restaurants through the organization Matter of Trust.  Being collected for the entire month of June, the used nylons will be filled with hair, fur, feathers and other materials creating booms that will soak up the oil.  Hooters goal is to collect 100,000 pairs of nylons that would be used to create 15 miles of booms with the potential to soak up one million gallons of oil.

It seems to me like a pretty natural progression.  If you need a lot of nylons Hooters seems like a pretty good place to get them.  And while it won't stop the oil, it certainly will aid in cleaning up some of it.  Which at this point is really all that can be done.  Besides watching it continue to leak.

So if you chance by Hooters before the end of June, realize those nylons on your Hooters Girl could very well be soaking up lots of oil in the very near future.  And you thought they just made our legs shinny.


  1. That is amazing, what a great idea! Nylons to save the environment, who would have thought?

  2. as paris hilton would say "that's hot."

    Are you really a hooters girl? If so where? Ok, you don't need to answer the last question, don't wanna sound weird.

    they have some tasty food there.

  3. Its amazing,.... really nice and cute lads.

  4. thats so cool that hooters is doing its part to help, im in australia so we've just been looking on as the oil keeps spilling. the only way i even heard about it was coz obama cancelled his visit here because of it. so sad to think all the wildlife and the ecosystem are suffering so much because of it. i cant wait to come to the USA!! If someone mentioned hooters over here its not a resturant haha its normally a strip club. anyway i cant wait to come over =)

  5. When i got my hair cut they chopped it right into a bag and told me it was being sent down to build these booms.... Which i thought was kinda cool!

  6. So as a front desk agent who has to dress similar to a stewardess daily... I have PLENTY of holy, running nylons to offer. If you girls need any help with that, just say where they should be sent & I'd be more than happy. :)

    Also. This brings up a really good blog post idea (perhaps?)... which nylons do you recommend? Brand, type, etc. I'm a little fed up, to be quite honest. Not with wearing the nylons, but using a good chunk out of my paycheck on them weekly.
    Help, please! :)

  7. You should get your sis to tell Not So Smart Girl that all that fecal matter from your nylons is saving our oceans lol, sorry had to throw it out there, no pun intended, I am on a roll....

  8. wowwwww i love that pose of the girls ...

  9. NICE POST... thanks for posting!

    Common Cents

  10. That is awesome. YAY Hooters!

    Now imagine if all the Hooter's girls cut their hair into stylish short cuts - how much hair they could add to soak up the oil.

  11. Good luck with the nylons and sopping oil spills. Oil spills are like putting a gun to a kids head and squeezing the trigger!!
    And then the 'They's' say they are not responsible!! It was the pipe or the workers or the suppliers!!
    Me think.

  12. I know this post is extremely old, but i've been reading some of your entries, and had to comment on the one with a picture of girls from the same Hooters I work at!!
    I LOVE reading your blog :)



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