22 June 2010

How Much Do YOU Want Me to Tip?

Working at Hooters we get lots of questions.  People ask about my personal life.  They want to know if I have a boyfriend/husband/fiancé.  They ask about my breast size.  They're curious what my family thinks of my job.  They will ask anything and everything and while most will be polite some people will ask things that should be totally off limits.  One of the many things I hate discussing with my customers is money - especially tips.

As a server, there is no question I hate more than, "how much do you want me to/think I should tip you?"  Seriously, how do you want me to answer that?  Usually I end up saying something PC like, "Well most people tip between 15-20%, but tipping is totally up to your discretion."  And of course this answer is rarely good enough.  I'll answer that way and suddenly they're calling me out for "not being real" or "not answering honestly."  Or sometimes they'll say something really awesome like, "well I'm not going to tip you at all until you tell me what to do."  In that case I'd love you to tip me $100.  Or maybe $1,000,000.87.  Whatever you have on hand.

Eventually I'll end up getting tipped that usual 15-20% I told them about in the first place leaving me to wonder why the eff they even asked.  Maybe they just like to see my reaction or maybe they really are that socially inept.  Either way, I'm not sure why one would think this question is appropriate.  If you really were unsure how much to tip you'd ask me the way a guy asked me yesterday.  Being from out of state, he asked what the customary tip percentage is in the state of Montana.  That I can handle.  You have made it clear you really are curious about what is acceptable rather than making me think you just want to get me flustered.  You have officially not been a douche.

Please don't ask your Hooters Girl/server/bartender how much they want to be tipped.  It's awkward and uncomfortable and frankly a little rude.  Tip what you think is appropriate.  You can even use your phone; I'm cool with you rebelling against mental math.  Just don't make me do the math for you.

And if you're curious or unsure on how to tip at Hooters (I get that question emailed me to a lot) HERE is guide I put together.  Note it doesn't include asking your Hooters Girl at any point.


  1. Well, tipping is, as you said, not only a matter of math but also of discretion. The thing is that some people think that just because they're at Hooters they don't have to respect you like they would other waitresses/bartenders/whatever. And some people are really imbeciles when it comes to tipping, and I'm not talking about math here.

  2. What percentage tipping is OK if a guy wants to be noticed but not come off like a douchebag? (I know you said, asking is douchey).

    I normally tip 20% regardless of service, but if the service is exceptionally excellente...I do the 30-50%. But I guess it is douchebaggy to tip higher just to get a girl's attention.

    I feel like it is easier to tip bartenders more since a bartender can usually slip you a few shots or beers "on the house" if they know you are a big tipper.

    I guess what I am trying to get at is, if I find my server very attractive and worth pursuing. Besides making direct eye contact and making conversation and being respectful, will a large tip help my situation? Or will a large tip turn the girl off? Is there an amount or percentage where it is understood that I appreciate the girl without coming off like I think she is unfortunate and needs a large tip?

  3. I also hate talking about money. The worst, for me on the beer cart, is "how are tips tonight"? Some guys ask, fairly outright, how much have you made tonight.

    If you care, don't buy drinks. Yes, you all may think we servers/bartenders/etc. make absurd amounts of money, but we also put up with absurd amounts of crap from customers that I wouldn't tolerate at retail or other customer service jobs. And that does include being touched in times/ places I find highly unacceptable.

    As to how to tip in an attempt to be noticed, don't be a jerk about it while you're at it. As a bartender, I notice an extra dollar but you don't have to say anything. And yes, I will try to reward you with a free drink, at the least an extra smile or wink. ;)

  4. Maybe they think you get paid more than a regular waitress? Or maybe they are douchebags.



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