08 June 2010

From Karaoke to Blog of Note

Just got home from doing some most epic, unplanned karaoke.  It was the type of night that begins with the best intentions to stay in and finish reading "The Blind Side" while eating sorbet but you suddenly find yourself rocking to off-key renditions of Bon Jovi and Garth Brooks.  You know, a Monday.  I'm young, shit happens.  Karaoke just cannot be stopped sometimes.

Anyhooters, upon coming home I decided to hop in bed and do really important stuff like check Facebook and read my email so I didn't have nightmares about my social life ending.  After succumbing to the pointlessness of my Facebook newsfeed, I decided to check my blog.  First, I noted the thirteen comments.  This is high for me; I probably don't get thirteen in a week.  Next, I noted that one of the comments said I was a Blog of Note.



These are things that one doesn't really spend time contemplating when they're in the midst of sharing the beauty of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" with the crowd in a bowling alley lounge.  I do have to say though that it is a pretty cool thing to come home to.

Hopefully you all enjoy my blog and stick around for a while. 

Hoots and Kisses (sorry, that was marginally lame).


  1. How are you finding the Blind Side? I saw the movie the other day and thought it was exellent. I bought the book, but, am sadly yet to start it.

    Congrats on the Blog of note btw. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts.

  2. I'm really liking it a lot. I will say that a lot of the chapters are very football-centric and feature on historical aspects of the game (coaching, changes in playing style, certain players) that lead to the importance of the left tackle position - or blind side.

    Personally as a HUGE football fan I love this, but I think some might find it a bit dry and tedious if they didn't have a knowledge of the sport.

    that being said, I love the book and highly recommend it!

  3. New follower! You won me over with the receipt art ;)


  4. Hi,

    Have a nice blogging... LOL!

  5. Very fun blog. I'd love to hear more about the guitar though! Hooters does provide some interesting fodder for blog posts. Congrats on being a blog of note!

  6. This totally made my day - "Do really important stuff like check Facebook and read my email so I didn't have nightmares about my social life ending."

  7. Congratulation! On being a Blog of Note!

  8. I actually found your blog on "blogs of note" and I have been reading some of your posts. I LOVE them! :)

  9. Yeah for Mondays and karaoke! already have next weeks song picked out...

  10. My life and own blog is based on the fact that any night can turn into karaoke!

  11. I enjoyed reading your blog :)



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