22 June 2010

Receipt Art: June 22, 2010

Now that I've been doing my receipt art for awhile, my regulars are starting to expect something new every time.  You see, while each and every receipt I hand out gets a drawing, many are repeated.  Repeating drawings lets me get my checks out quickly when I'm busy while still personalizing them.  As such, I have a few go to drawings that I can pump out pretty much as quickly as the other girls are drawing hearts over the 'Is' in their names.  It's a talent.

I have two regulars in particular who expect a new, fresh, never before seen, original piece of receipt art every time they dine with me.  While it can be challenging, it also helps me come up with new ideas for everyone else.  The are my art guinea pigs.  Thanks for that!

So today for their original piece I came up with a little floating scene.  Floating the many rivers that flow in and around the valley is a Missoula pastime.  There is nothing better than sitting in a black tire tube with a beer (or the bag from a boxed wine if you prefer) in hand.  Floating is about relaxing, tanning, drinking, avoiding rocks, more relaxing and generally being awesome.  It's a sport I can truly endorse.

My favorite part of this receipt is the little fish peeking out of the water next to the total.  I adore him.  I also adore the little beer in the lower floater's hand.  That's my kind of man.

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  1. Super cute! Love it! I think your receipt art is a great idea :-) Thanks for posting it for us to see.



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