14 June 2010

Welcome Back

After a few days of traveling the roads of northern Montana I find myself back at home in my little studio apartment.  I have been back in town all of two hours and I've already managed to stop by Hooters.  It seems I can't stay away.  Well really I had to stop to put in a schedule request, but whatever.  I still went there.  Back to the real world it seems.

So lets see, what happened on my journey?  Well I played some sweet tunes and I rode on motorcycles and shot guns and did other northern Montana type of things.  You know, redneck stuff.  Now I'm sure most of you have never been to northern Montana.  We call it the Highline and basically the Highline is a fancy name for "there is not an effing thing out here."  Ok, think about Montana.  GO!  Mountains, right?  You thought mountains.  That's all good and great and epic, but that's not most of Montana and that's certainly not the Highline.  The Highline is rolling plains and what not.  Lots of small towns, lots of cows, lots of farmers, very little civilization.  But you know, that's cool with me.  My mom comes from a ranching family.  I know how to be redneck if I have to be.  It's a gift.

Now while I've probably made the Highline sound super exciting, it really is a pretty amazing place.  While I love the mountains of western Montana, there is something to be said for the vast plains and gentle hills of northeastern Montana.  It's the sort of area where you really grasp the whole "Big Sky Country" nickname thing; the sky really does go forever.  I also count the smell of sagebrush among my most favorite scents so it all gets along with me just fine.  I highly suggest it, even if it is on the way to see all those fabled mountains.

Yup, so I'm back.  Back to work on Wednesday.  Back to blogging now.  More to come momentarily.

P.S.  Dierks Bentley's new CD, "Up On The Ridge" is the perfect roadtrip CD.  It's a marriage of contemporary country and bluegrass that is both innovative and deliciously intoxicating.  I most highly suggest it.  Go.  Buy it.  Now.


  1. Shelby, Chester, Havre, Chinook, Malta, Glasgow...need I say more? Spent a lot of time in that country and it definitely has its own beauty.

    Some times of the year, the only thing between those communities and the North Pole is a barbed-wire fence. Glad you had a good red-neck time on the Highline. It's definitely not Vegas!!

  2. I absolutely adore Montana. Im from Pennsylvania, and my family took a trip out west when I was younger. Montana and Wyoming were my tie for favorite state ever. After college, I hope to move outwest somewhere :)

  3. Just checked back into your blog, and it looks like our paths crossed. We were in Shelby on the 4th, Havre on the 8th, Malta on the 9th, and Nelson Reservoir on the 11th. Yup, all along the Highline. If you saw a big black and silver tour bus, I hope you waved. That was us!

    Enjoying your writing and hope to hear more of your music soon. Keep up the good work!



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