06 June 2010

Receipt Art: June 3, 2010

Missoula is in a valley.  It has pretty mountains and a river going through town and is just a cute little place.  But what really defines the landscape (besides Snowbowl ski area) is the "M" and "L".  Basically these are big letters on two of the mountains over the city.  These two landmarks frame Hellgate canyon and stand for The University of Montana and Loyola Sacred Heart (local Catholic school) respectively.  They are synonymous with Missoula and make for good running.  But I'm weird and like running up steep hills.  Most people like to walk and look at the pretty view and stop every other switchback.  Whatever, you get the idea.  Please observe what I'm talking about in the shitty picture below.  It was the best I could find.

See, M on the right, L way over on the left.  And that's The University of Montana.  How cute.  Anyway, as this is such a Missoula thing, this naturally has influenced my receipt art.  How wonderful of me!

There's the M and the L and the little trails and the Clark Fork River and some birdies and a rising sun.  How picturesque!  I also note that one of you ordered a Coke and one of you ordered a Coors Light Big Daddy.  One of you clearly needs to man up.


  1. Not sure if it's just me, but it seems that you have your lefts and rights mixed up...

  2. I'd remember you when you become famous, but would you remember your readers just as much as we would?

  3. Hello Girl & Guitar, I enjoyed reading your post as this is the first blog I have read as I just signed up last night and decided to blog on myself. I gotta say, your receipt art is quite amusing. Hope to see more of it soon, maybe in the MoMa?

  4. Congrats on being Blog of Note. Very interesting blog - great light-reading material.

    I can never see Hooters here in Malaysia..

    Nice receipt art too.

  5. Cool post.
    Love the photos - shitless in my opinion.

    Have a nice day

  6. Congratulations on being blog of note!

    I really enjoyed reading some of your posts!

  7. hey this is really cool, i love the humorous stories youve put in your blog. like the one about the genius that tried to trick your friend into believing he was 21, and he got the math wrong. HILARIOUS! I look forward to checking your blg out pretty often and hearing what you have to say. if you get chance, and you enjoy awesome youtube videos from a variety of people, im your guy.

  8. Receipt art is new to me....but well done.

  9. I did indeed have my left and right all confused. I was either tired or drunk when I wrote this...and I'm pretty sure I wasn't drunk...

  10. LOL I love this post. You're such a dork LOVE IT!!!

  11. Hello! I just started my blog today and you were featured. I love your receipt arts and I look forward to more :)

    - The Unglamorous Fetish ♥



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