18 June 2010

Hans Travels the World

Hans has a way of turning up right when you start to wonder where he's been.  It never fails, as soon as you question why he hasn't been in he appears as if he knows he entered your mind.  It must be a magical German thing.  This happened recently.  I got to work and I wondered about Hans.  Honestly, since his heart attack and collapsed lung I actually get nervous when he hasn't been in in awhile.  After all, Hans lives alone.  How could I not be concerned?

So there I was wondering about Hans when I came to jump start one morning and was handed a postcard.  It was from Hans.  He'd preformed his German magic again.  Only this time it was international.  He's that good.  Apparently, Hans has been in Germany.  He was kind enough to drop my a line while he's there.

It seems his journeys brought him to Aschau Im Chiemgau.  Now I'm not exactly sure where Aschau is, but apparently it's in Chiemgau.  Thank goodness those two years of German in high school taught me what 'im' means.  Go, public education!

Now, what did Hans have to say?  Well, this is what Hans had to say:

In case you can't read it, it says:  All the best from the old grumpie German.  Thank Good I m still alive.  Munich and the Alps were great.  See you later.  Still not a beer.

Yes, Hans is alive and loving life in the Motherland.  I love the postcard.  What I love the most though is that it says "To the 'Hot Sauce Crew.'"  I mean it had my actual name on there too, but it was addressed as if Hooters of Missoula is MY Hooters.  Yes, according to Hans this crew is mine.  Epic.  I also love that there was no address on the card.  It said the cross street (not the actually street name Hooters is on even) but had no actual address.  And it has the wrong zip code.  But it still got here because everyone knows Hooters.  Hooters doesn't need no stinking address.  It's that cool.

It seems Hans may return soon.  Sill not a beer.  Until then I'll have his postcard on my fridge.  I'm just so international.

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  1. You have a talent for being a down right, out and out fun person. I love the photo on this postcard. I wish I could travel abroad. Thank you for publishing all this great content. Come on over and visit me sometime.



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