25 June 2010

I'm a Hooters Overachiever

If my receipt art hasn't told you already, I like to go above and beyond at work.  Hooters makes a point of having us interact and deliver a unique experience to each and every customer.  Now, they don't really tell you how to do this.  Well they do, but they're not necessarily very specific.  At a minimum they want you to sit down with your customers, talk to them, seem generally interested.  But beyond that you can pretty much do whatever.  You can hula hoop with people or make them bibs or whatever.  You can even draw on receipts.  You get the idea.

I do a lot of little things that are my own way creating one-of-a-kind Hooters service.  One of these is how I deliver silverware to my table.  Yes, silverware seems quite unexciting.  That's because it is.  But I get more compliments on how I bring out silverware than you would even believe.  Yes, I said compliments.  On silverware.  Either I'm awesome or people are really easily impressed.

Here is how most Hooters Girls deliver their silverware to their tables.

They take a plate, fold a paper towel and set some silverware on it.  If there are more people, there is simply more silverware on said paper towel on said plate.  As you imagine this can get a little cluttered on that plate if you have more than two people at your table.  I don't believe in this method.  But that's probably because I have too much time on my hands.  If you don't believe me, look at how I do my silverware settings.

I bring a paper towel and silverware to the table.  One paper towel and set of silverware per guest.

I then fold over the bottom of the paper towel.

Then I flip the whole situation over and fold over the side just a smidge.  See it there on the left.  Yup, you see it.

I then continue to fold, pulling the left side over the right and creasing.  This - as you can see - makes a little pocket.  How cute.

Then I place the silverware into the little pocket I made.  I do this at the table for each and ever person.

And people love the effing shit out of it.  They eat it up and comment on my origami skills and say that I don't need to do so much for them.  Oh, but I do.  It's my thing.  It's my way as Hooters Girl.  I like going above and beyond.  It makes me standout, it makes me different AND it makes me more money.  Certainly not a thing to complain about.

So I'll keep folding my little napkin sleeping bags and putting a fork and knife to rest in each and every one of them.  I'll keep joking about showing off our fine flatware and linens.  I'll keep being an overachiever.  It's what I do.


  1. Cool! I like the napkins :)

  2. I think your silverware "bed"/pouch thing is so cute! I'm sure your a fabulous waitress but the cute napkin holder thing would only be more encouragement for me personally to leave a fat tip, lol! I'm such a sucker for cutesy things like stars and hearts and big "thank you's" drawn on my receipt.

  3. I will blatantly steal your 'napkin pocket' idea and then utilise the next time I have the Queen round for lunch.

    Fingers crossed that she'll love the effin shit out of it!



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