18 June 2010

Receipt Art: June 17, 2010

Sometimes people come in and you know EXACTLY what they'll order.  This is because they always order the same thing.  No matter what.  There are two older gentlemen who come in several times a week that always order onion rings for example.  They might switch up the meal, but there are always onion rings.  If they order a burger, onions rings.  A salad, onion rings.  You get the idea.

As such, my receipt are for these fellows included onion rings.  This is a requirement.  How could I not cater to such a devotion to a fried vegetable?

Luckily, they also ordered burgers this time allowing the cutest little burger on a perfect fluffy bun to surround my name.  How yummy of me.  Then there is the ketchup - or mustard if you prefer.  Clearly it's a precision squeeze bottle.  

I'm clearly loving all that extra space already.


  1. Well i don´t blame them, I love onion rings

  2. I'm more of a steak and lobster guy, or calamari and a good sandwich.

  3. Never been a waiter/waitress, but that's gotta help with the tips! I'd tip more my receipt was funner!

  4. I love your little receipt pictures :3

    I'd never thought I'd say a burger looks just downright adorable.



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