16 June 2010

Receipt Art: June 16, 2010

Today was my first day back on the job after nearly a week.  Gotta say, I missed the place a little.  But seeing as I really do love my job this is hardly surprising.  I suppose I should appreciate it while it lasts because I'm sure one day I'll be sitting behind a desk hating my life.  Ugh.  That sounds awful.  For now I'll enjoy my time serving wings and making epic receipt masterpieces.

During my extended weekend on the Highline, I golfed for the first time ever.  Of course by golfed I mean that I lounged around in the cart and drove the ball a few times.  Mostly I enjoyed many a libation.  Surprisingly though, I didn't suck.  I obviously wasn't good, but I smacked that ball out there pretty well my first try.  I was surprised.  The guys I was with were even more surprised.  I have actually been inspired to pursue golf.  A game that involves driving around in little carts while drinking and generally enjoying yummy summer weather?  Sign me up!

My new found appreciation for golf inspired my receipt art today.  Guess I was in a sporting mood.  

So there you have it, a nice little green and a ball and a flag.  Looks pretty solid.  What I notice most however is that I leave for a few days and suddenly shit changes on me.  You see they added the line "Sorry We do not Accept Checks" (awkward capitalization and all) to the bottom of the receipts.  This I appreciate.  It's certainly a lot more official than me saying it.  People don't listen to a word I say; they'll write me a check anyway.  Now the receipt can back me up.  Thank you, receipt.  In addition, our receipts now print out with nearly an inch of extra space at the bottom.  So much more room for artworks now!

I hardly even know what to do with all this extra, fabulous, artwork needing room.  Here I just used it for a very thankful thank you.  Seriously, it's in all caps.  And in bubble letters.  That is some intense gratitude right there.  Thank you.  No, Thank YOU.


  1. That's a pretty cool and practical thing to do.

    It inspires me. I'll write little haikus or something on the back of receipts. Or, possibly a really dope rhyme scheme..

    ... yeah, I think that'll work.

  2. Your receipt artwork inspires me.

  3. Nice artwork!

    &I have to say I did get a little inspired myself... to try out my golfing & drunk cart riding skills! haha :)
    Thank YOU indeed! :)

  4. Love the golf description.

  5. OMG the only thing i like about golf is driving over all the hills in the buggy haha im am absolutly crap at hitting the ball. it frustrates me quite a lot. give me mini golf over actual golf anyday =)

  6. I gotta say, I'm new around here,and i saw your blog and i had to check it out. I absolutly love Receipt art. Your very talented. Great blog too by the way. :-)

  7. Love your receipt art! So original!



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