15 June 2010

Seriously (Once) Future Roommates?!

I just got back from a movie with Asian Marine and a few friends.  I made sure to skip dinner so I could enjoy my usual whole bag of popcorn.  Seriously, I have a sick addiction.  If you take me to a movie and don't get me popcorn I will probably have a temper tantrum or - more likely - vault myself over the counter to swim in that giant bin of salty, buttery, popcorny goodness.  Luckily, I was allowed my popcorn and even splurged on a Diet Coke.  As a single girl who doesn't see to many movies in the theater, I was in popcorn laden, cinematic heaven. 

Then of course the movie started and ended up being a mild suckfest.  We decided to see "Get Him to The Greek" and I have to say it was one of those movies that looked awesome in the preview but was totally disappointing as a full-length feature.  So lame.  Don't get me wrong it was funny.  I laughed.  I generally enjoyed myself.  But it seemed to me that it totally failed to live up to its comedic potential.  There's $8.50 + $11.75 for buttery bliss and bubble drink well spent.

Moral:  Save this one for the RedBox

So first two paragraphs aside, the real point of my story is that dear Asian Marine is in fact not going to be my roommate.  Ariel is also not going to be my roommate.  This disappointing turn of events was due to lots of things that I don't care to type about and you probably don't care to read.  Basically, all we need to know is that I am currently roommateless with a mere fifteen days until my impending homelessness.  Yeah, I got some things lined up on the roommate/home front, but it seems blogging has in the past been the kiss of death for my living situations.  As such I am keeping this sensitive information confidential so I don't anger the blogging gods.  Please don't smite me mighty rulers of the blogosphere.

Oh and because everyone is pretending to like soccer (and some of us ACTUALLY DO), Holland won their game against Denmark.  I'm sure my dad was watching it with beer in hand in the wee hours of the morning.  Seriously, he's Dutch, that's practically required.  And thanks for that self-goal Denmark.  I mean we didn't need it to win, but it made you look silly so that's nice.


  1. You make me want popcorn.

    Also, don't despair! The roommate gods and blogging gods will smile on you!


  2. Watching footy for australia is just upsetting. at 2am our time we watched Australia get throttled 4-0
    massively dissapointing.


  3. I am the same way about popcorn at the movies, I don't eat all day just so I can have my popcorn with extra butter.. My fiance teases me every time we go.

  4. I also crave popcorn now! http://rainbarrel.ca/

  5. My roommate worries I blog about her all the time, but I show her the posts and it's always about music, not people.
    Don't stress, you'll find one!


  6. I agree with the other comment haha you have serious popcorn describing skills girl and i enjoyed myself with your story :) I hope that everything works out with your gods haha

  7. I totally agree with you. I saw that movie on Saturday night and I must say it sucked...majorly.

  8. I'm the same way with the popcorn, i skip meals when I know I'm going to want to indulge in a bucket full of heart stopping goodness. So funny.

  9. It is through my experience that good things happen at the last minute. Hang in there with the roommate situation, I know things will work out.
    I saw Get Him to the Greek and really liked it. I've got that song about the jeffrey stuck in my head.



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