04 October 2010

The Craft Girl

I have a reputation around Hooters as the "craft girl."  Basically, if a project of any sort needs to be done that requires even the smallest bit of artistic ability it's my job.  There are rarely exceptions and often it's so expected that they don't even ask me anymore.  It's just how it is these days.

This all started about two years ago when we decided to have a pumpkin contest at Hooters.  Since there was a worry about the possibility of carved pumpkins becoming disgusting all too quickly, it was decided that we would have a pumpkin painting contest rather than a carving contest.  Being that I enjoy artistic pursuits, I quickly got started on my pumpkin and brought it to work.  I was the first one finished.  And after the other girls saw my pumpkin I was the only one to even bring one in.  I won by default.  Call me talented I guess.  The pumpkin became a Hooters Halloween fixture.  Luckily, I had foresight to paint a fake pumpkin.  It will provide years of enjoyment.

There she is in all her glory; the pumpkin I painted two years ago.  Personally, I think her legs are funny, but her face and boobs are stinking hot.  But isn't that what matters at Hooters anyway?  She's a naughty little Hooters devil.

And so began my reign as Hooters Craft Girl.  I've created the "Wall of Shame" for pictures to be hung.  I do the specials sign every morning.  I decorate the Hooters Girl room in the back.  I do the beer signs once a month.

I am the go to girl for anything and everything.  It's just one of the many facets of my life at Hooters.  I'm so awesome.


  1. Heh. Multitalented! I'm impressed! Again!

  2. I too am the "Craft Girl" for our store ~ boards and all. Hey, at least it's something to do when you're bored instead of rolling silverware right?!? ;)



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