22 October 2010

Someone Actually Published Me

Yup, it's official, I am a real, live, totally published writer.  I got word that the newest issue of Hooters Magazine had arrived and broke several laws speeding to Hooters to get a look at it.  There I am in all my glory on page 15.  I'd write more, but I'm in need of something especially celebratory - like a Blizzard or the biggest margarita money can buy.  Or do they make margarita Blizzards?  I'd like mine with extra tequila please and thank you.

Get down to Hooters and pick up your copy of Hooters Magazine featuring the premier of "Hooters According to Sauce."  The magazine will also be hitting newsstands the first week of November.  Either way you should totally get your hands on one.  And then frame it.

NOTE:  After reading the article I found two - or three, I can't remember - mistakes in it.  It's funny how when you're writing stuff you are too close it to notice such dumb mistakes.  I must have read that thing a hundred times, yet there they are after I haven't read it for a couple months.  I promise I'm not dumb.  But note to self, Hooters apparently expects me to do ALL my own editing...


  1. I'm about to have that experience myself--seeing something I've written printed. Though in my case it's a short story in an anthology. Congratulations! I'll be getting a copy of the Hooters mag next time I go to the grocery store--I know they carry it.

  2. My husband is going to think I lost my mind when I ask him to go to Hooters* [We have never been - together - in 15 years - but we have been separately] but this is too good a reason not to go. And have wings. And a magazine. Go Sauce!

    *Please don't take that the wrong way - we love Hooters - it is just the opportunity never presents itself and we don't live close to one.

  3. Thats so awesome!!! The header looks great!


  4. Congrats!
    Wish I lived in a city that has a Hooters. Next time I get down into the neighboring town (which DOES have one) I'll try to stop in and get a magazine. :)



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