01 October 2010

So You Want to be a Hooters Girl for Halloween?

With Halloween just around the corner I've been fielding a number of emails asking if I will send people Hooters Girl uniforms.  Unfortunately I am not allowed to sell or give away my official uniforms.  And while I could say there were for me, it'd probably look really weird if I started buying ten uniforms at a time.  Hooters may not be filled with the most promising minds, but I think they're smart enough to figure that shit out.  Plus, I like my job.  A lot.  I can't risk that even if it is for the sweetest holiday ever.

If you're still loving the whole Hooters Girl idea, Hooters does sell a version of the uniform online and it's actually pretty affordable.  Check out these uniforms HERE.

Please note that the style of shorts available from Hooters online are the classic Hooters Girl style.

Ebay is also a good option for uniforms and you can often get the whole thing there as a package deal.

So get your uniform, make merry, be drunk and steal candy from small children!


  1. Do they make Hooters uniforms in my size? I hope not.

  2. ::Kyle that was funny!::

    I think I could pull off the whole thing - except for the cleavage, the hair and the rear end.

    okay, okay ..... I am going as Grandma Moses. Happy?

  3. I went as a Hooters Girl for halloween. It was pretty funny and not all that comfortable, but anything for a laugh.



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