19 October 2010

Receipt Art: October 17, 2010

Today I present you with my first ever receipt art inspired by a reader of "Girl and Guitar."  In response to my receipt featuring a plethora of  Halloween cliches, J. Franklin Evans rightfully said, "Hey!  All this time I thought something was missing from your pic and I just figured it out.  Shouldn't there be a spider somewhere? Hanging from a web or something? Yeah, cliche . . ."

Yes, Mr. Evans had totally called me out and I clearly couldn't let that go unanswered.  So here, Mr. Evans, is your spider inspired theme.

It's a fairly simple design, but I think it's awfully cute.  Mostly this is because the spider is smiling.  Are spiders happy creatures?  I clearly think yes.  Also, note that spiders have eight legs.  When I left this receipt, the recipient was adamant that spiders have six legs.  No, dude, this is Earth and on Earth our spiders do indeed have eight legs.  Wikipedia that shit.

Anyway, I'm liking this whole blog readers inspiring me thing, so please feel free to leave you deepest receipt desires in my comments.  I'll try my darnedest to bring your ideas (well the good ones at least) to a receipt near you!


  1. You seem to also have forgotten the black cat chiche. Or even better, a black car sticking it's head out of a pumpkin. Double Halloween goodness, fear it.

  2. I actually did try to do a cat on one, but I effed it up and it looked seriously deformed. I tried to the whole arched back thing...yeah It needs to be refined before I put it here.

    But cat in a pumpkin?! I LOVE it.

  3. Really cute! You made my day, lady--glad to know I provided some inspiration!



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