06 October 2010

People Who Make Me Hooters Happy

After showing that the world can be home to sucky people, I thought it might be nice to talk about some awesome people who I actually like to spend my time waiting on.  Really I'd say 98% of the people I encounter at work are a joy to serve.  Unfortunately, it's so much easier to write about the negative.  Maybe this is because it feels better to vent about horrible things.  Maybe it's because it's just that they are exceptions - making them more noteworthy in some fashion.  Maybe I just like to bitch.

Either way, this post is dedicated to some of my most favorite customers because not everyone sucks.  I now introduce you to some of the people who brighten my day.  And if any of you are reading this feel free to drop a comment and say hi!

Mak is a pretty cool dude who stops in at least once a week.  What makes him cool is that he is generally interested in my life.  This has really made him more of a friend than just a customer.  He is also a collector of my finest receipt arts and forces me to expand my repertoire by always requesting an original (he reads this blog so he knows if I am recycling).  Also, he doesn't mind if I occasionally steal a fry.  And the sharing of fried food really is the way to my heart.

Bill, Art and the Rest Home Gang
About a year ago, one of those handicap busses pulled up to Hooters and out rolled six very hip elderly people and their most amazing caregiver.  They had wanted to try Hooters and had finally been given the green light by the powers that be at their assisted living facility.  Once they came in that first day, they couldn't be kept away and made it a bi-weekly ritual to hit up Hooters for lunch.

Bill always ordered the same thing, "I'll have a mushroom burger and a Cotton-Eyed Joe."  And Bill always got both.  He'd have his burger and then we'd gather around and dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe to the delight of the table, especially Bill.  He'd would never let me get his order wrong, not that I ever would.

Art is quieter than Bill was.  Art opens his mouth to order his usual Buffalo Shrimp and not to say much else.  But Art is a thinker.  One day I opened to his to-go box to add a few more of his favorite pickles and noticed four sets of silverware atop his curly fries.  Art just smiled.  I let him keep one fork and knife.  I'm nice like that.  He's been trying to get his hands on a whole table caddy ever since.

Bill passed away in January and visits have been less frequent since then.  I hear it makes them miss him too much to stop in.  I certainly miss them.

Fast, Real Fast
Team Fast, Real Fast is made up of two motocross riders who play trivia on Wednesday nights.  They are just generally awesome guys who like to have a good time.  They also work for the local Coca-Cola bottler driving trucks full of bubbly goodness.  What is better than bringing sugar and caffeine to the good people of the world?

Bos actually lives in Kansas.  He makes his way up to Montana twice a year to go hunting.  It's a very Montana thing to do.  Bos will only sit with me because I "made him feel like a regular" after being rather ignored the day before.  This is cool with me because he is just a generally awesome person to talk to and I appreciate generally awesome people.  He'll be back in town in early November. 

The Ladies
I love the Ladies, because they are not afraid to come to Hooters and have a good time; too many women avoid Hooters for silly, unfounded reasons.  The Ladies have discovered the joy of Hooters as well as the joy of $1.50 margaritas.  And there is probably nothing more joyful than cheap tequila.  I love to laugh with this group of secure, fun, outgoing women.  I hope I grow up to be them one day.

Now hasn't this post just made you feel better about the state of the world after Bitchy Bitcherson came alone and ruined my weekend?  Yeah, I feel better too.  Thanks for making my day, you little bundles of wonderful.

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  1. You know, it's not a bad idea for those of us who deal with the public to sort of do that. We tend to only remember the PITAs and not the fun, friendly, or at least those who are pleasant and easy to get along with. Nice idea. Thanx, Sauce!



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