28 October 2010

To Bad Days

Today was one of those days that just make you feel unappreciated.  You know, the type of days that no matter what you do right it's just not enough.  Let me start by saying that I know I was on top of my game today.  I say that with confidence because I have an amazing way of always delivering great service regardless of my mood.  I come to work to work and I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that.  So long story short, I always try to give amazing service because it's my job to give amazing service and I take that seriously.

For some reason, regardless of my great service, it was a 10% kind of day.  Now this wouldn't bother me if I was being slow or being rude or just generally sucking.  I'd know if I was effing up and I'd understand the shitty tip.  It only bothers me when I know I'm doing a good job.  It bothers me even more when you take the time to compliment my service and then leave two bucks on a fifty-dollar tab.  That's just not cool.  As nice as your compliments are, my landlord won't accept them as a rent payment.

Yes, today was that kind of day.  It was almost as if every customer was a part of some "piss Sauce off" conspiracy.  I just imagine them all gathering outside the door making their plans.  There would be a strategy board with little ships and shit on it and one evil mastermind of a customer is pushing them all around and laughing as the mini armada carried my money away.  It's all very dark and awful.  With a plan like that I could have been shitting golden checks for a million dollars each and people still would have tipped me nothing.  I clearly couldn't win.  Everyone was just being that sucky.

Then I had a gentleman come in who decided to turn my day around.  I gave him the same service I had given every table - great service.  We chatted a bit and I brought his food and he was happy.  I did nothing out of the ordinary or different from any other table in my section.  Naturally, I was expecting the theme of the day to continue as I handed him his bill.  Then he stopped me.

Nice Man:  "You know I was having a really, really shitty day until I came in here.  I mean it seriously had started like total shit.  You really turned it around for me."

I was floored.  Here was this man complimenting me just for being me.  He continued.

Nice Man:  "You just seem to have a really great attitude and a very genuine personality.  It's nice to see that these days.  Too many people are angry and unhappy.  You really made my day.  I can honestly tell you it's going to be a better day just thinking about your attitude.  It's really refreshing."

And just like that my day was made as I made someone else's.  In addition to his compliments, he left me a nice 25% tip, but it wasn't about the money.  His sincerely kind words just made me feel better because he had appreciated the person I am.  He made my day better without even knowing it.

He also reminded me why I love my job.  Thanks, dude.


  1. Glad you got a ray of sunshine in your cloudy day. My day pretty much sucked, too, though there were a couple of bright spots. Sounds like you served my dad, over and over again--he only leaves a dollar tip, no matter what. I learned the hard way not to take him to places I frequent.

  2. what a nice customer. they don't get mentioned often enough (not referring to your blog, just in general)

    i've noticed there hasn't been any mention of hans lately (or i'm just blind) has he been around? i always enjoyed posts about him.

  3. I love it when someone like that makes my day better. You're right - it's not the money. It's the fact that someone sees you as more than an object, more than a robot who serves your food...it's something touching when someone lets you know that your humanity is intact.

  4. That is awesome! I'm so glad your day got better! :-)



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